Sunday, 29 July 2012

Week in photos #4

Daisy Chains, Blue Mondays, Floral Anklet.
Beautiful new bag, Googly eyes clutch, Pub garden with my girls.
DIY underway, My bubbie cuddling my chicken, Carmex Click Stick.

Its been quite a nice week, apart from being boiled alive. Got Yo Sushi on Monday with my mumma and nan! (Blue Monday is a good way to start your week) Caught up with a few friends later in the week in the evening sun , got a few treats as you can see....uh ohhh!!.....I got Carmex click sticks...Anyone who knows me, knows how in love I am with Carmex, so finding these was amazing! No more Carmex fingers haha. Hope you've all had good weeks and weekends! Follow & Enter my giveaway if you havent already!

Monday again tomorrow....Booo Hooo :(

Bambi xx

Friday, 27 July 2012

F is for Friday, Face & Floral.

Happy Friday pretty people! Howww hot is it?!?!?! Looking forward to this weekend though , out for some foodies & a few drinks!! (Watch now it'll rain all weekend hahah!) Just a pic of my face...uh oh..the way I'm actually kinda smiling, so even though the heat annoys me, the sunny-ness has actually lifted my spirits :) Abstracted floral nails inspired by all the floral trousers & suits that are about. Email me if you want to buy any of my designs as always, £6 delivered! Thankyou to all new followers & make sure if you're a follower that you have entered my giveaway, which closes in 2 weeks time! Have a good weekend :) 

Bambi xx

Wednesday, 25 July 2012

Comic Book Girl

Two designs for you today!! Pow nails! Super bright & Pop art inspired andddd camouflage nails - which are a personal favourite. This week I had pink camouflage on my own nails.  Message me here or email me if you want to buy any of my designs! Also check back for when my ebay is restocked. Hope you're all enjoying the sunshine...I'm not the heat is making me moody, but I laid out in it for an hour today so I'm not a total anti-sunist!! Keep entering my giveaway for the chance to win cookie monsters or strawberry sundaes :) See below in last fridays post. Thankyou for following <3

Bambi xx


Monday, 23 July 2012

Bikers & Cream

Just a super quick post - off out with Mumma & Nan today <3 The outfit is a bit boring & sorry the picture is not that great. Admittedly its a bit warm for a jacket..but the weather has been so unpredictable. Underneath is just a sheer black shirt (Because I'm sheer shirt crazy). I've made a vow to start using bags that I haven't used to for a long time. This is one of those bags. I got it from Riverisland years ago.. its such a nice bag but it got forgotten about - Its super big...but who doesnt love a big bag? More room for stuff that doesnt need to be in there. Hahaha. Happy Monday, Have a good week. More new nails coming this week. Pleaseeee dont forget to follow & enter my giveaway!!

Bambi xx

Sunday, 22 July 2012

Week in photos #3

Cutest donkeys ever , Bindis, Costa - My absolute favourite.
Feeding my greedy tamed squirrells, ShirtLovin', DIY Anklet.
White Roses & Lavender, Topshop Says Donate Bracelet, Yummy Spicey Pasta.

Its been an eventful week! Glad its the weekend again! How cute is my squirrel friend? Ive been feeding up a family of squirrels & now they wait outside my kitchen window for bread & biscuits! I get tooo excited everytime I see them haha! Made an anklet out of some ribbon cord & charms from a H&M bracelet that had tarnished! Bought myself some flowers to try cheer me up...didnt work haha! Hope you're enjoying the weekend. Dont forget my giveaway is now up please follow & enter!

Bambi xx

Wednesday, 18 July 2012

Studs, Roses & Crosses.

Bracelet - Topshop
Oversized Sheer Shirt - New Look
Cross Embroidered Desert Boots - Topshop
Stud & Rose Headband - Topshop
Watch - RiverIsland

This is what I'm wearing today! This oversized sheer shirt is from NewLook! Eeeek! Got it recently & its quickly become a favourite! Wearable so many ways and the pockets make me feel all safari-ish :) My desert boots haven't had as many outtings as I've hoped for so far, thanks to the rain! They're real suede so I'm scared to wear them out if there are any clouds in the sky haha! The headband doesn't even need to be spoken about, except to say that arghhh its just sooo beautiful!!Nail colour is Essie Mojito Madness from the Essie summer collection that I posted about last week, Loving this colour & its definitely going to be perfect for some camo nails! Happy Mid week!
My giveaway drops Friday!!

Bambi xx

Monday, 16 July 2012

July Be Mine.

Topshop  Adios Tapestry Western Boots // Topshop Mint Lace Ankle Socks // Topshop Studded Collar Military Shirt // Zara Studded Shopper // Topshop Skull & Cross Drop Earrings // Topshop Pearl & Spike Bun Cover.

These are a few bits I'm loooooving at the moment, Everything is from Topshop except the bag!  For me top of the list are the boots...which I've been debating getting all week... I LOVE them... I ordered them online & they came but we too small  & now out of stock in the next size up! HEARTBREAK!! The zara shopper is sooo sexy but its £59.99...GBH to the purse :( Definitely going to keep my eyes peeled for a cheaper alternative. Happy Monday beautifuls, have a good week! My giveaway will be starting Friday :)

Bambi xx

Saturday, 14 July 2012

Week in photos #2

My princess, Models Own bits, Magazine day.
Topshop spiked bracelet bargain, Topshop ear cuff, My mug.
Out for Coffee, Eating cherrys Mmm, Finally hopped on the Grey boat(Doh).

Another normal week for me, nothing amazing happened. Hoping to have a good weekend though, out for dinner & drinks tonight...yay! Hope you have a good weekend beautifuls! Thank you for all the comments & for following me :) Have any of you been invited to the Amor Magazine Launch party next week? And are you going?

Bambi xx

Thursday, 12 July 2012

Lumi Me Strawberry Sundae.

I picked up L'oreal True Match Concealer this week in Boots along with L'oreal Lumi Magique Highlighter, Buy one get one half price. Being mixed race I find it veryyyy hard to find make up products that match my skin tone unless I pay alot of money for it. I'm a MAC addict.. & if you know about MAC then you know they can be a little pricey! I usually wear Mac studio finish concealer but at £14.50 it is a little expensive! After having such good results with L'oreal foundation, when I saw this I thought for £6.99 it was definitely worth a try! Its a good thick consistancy & covers blemishes very well! I've been wearing the  L'oreal True Match foundation as my everyday foundation for the last few months & I've fallen in love with it. If your mixed race or just of a darker skin tone I'd definitely recommend having a look as they have a really good colour range!
The Lumi Magique Highlighter I just really wanted to try as I loveee YSL Touche Eclat but again its very expensive so I usually get one for Christmas or Birthday & then just wear it for special occassions or when I'm looking extremely over tired! I got the Lightest shade as I always do with Touche Eclat as I think if your going to get a dark shade of highlighter it kind of defeats the object!
Its a great product thats priced well  at £8.99 & I wont feel guilty if I want to use it everyday!
Strawberry Sundae Nails, with red diamante cherry! Available on ebay or email me directly :)

Bambi xx

Tuesday, 10 July 2012

Bikini so teeny.

 I got given Essie summer collection as a little present last week! Im loving the coloursss! I wore the orange last week but just plain on its own! This week I've gone for Bikini so teeny, but as a base colour for leapord print! I'm so into patterened nails...(obviously) So I didnt want to wear it plain, but I definitely would! Its a laaaavly colour! The pink is models own..of course! Essie is an expensive brand, but the colour range is madddd & in my opinion the quality is very very good. What do you think? 

Check out my ebay, fully stocked!

Bambi xx

Sunday, 8 July 2012


 Pretty self explanatory -  YOLO Nails (You Only Live Once)...These were a little long and fiddly in the making but definitely worth it. Love how they have turned out, Super funky & definitely veryyyy unique! Obviously these designs would vary..I'll definitely be doing more with a different base colour. I dont know what even inspired me to do these, just wanted to play around with a few ideas & I'm very happy with the result. Available to buy from my ebay along with loadssss more designs :)  Hope you're having nice relaxing Sundays!  I am.
For nails check ebay or Email me !

Bambi xx

Saturday, 7 July 2012

Week in photos.1#

Croydon Primark Haul , Glamour Magazine, Essie Summer collection.
Studded Topshop Slippers, Balance Me wonder eye cream, My princess shyah.
Me & my nephew Luca, Mine & Lucas baking, Anotherrr £1.50 Topshop treasure.

This week has'nt been amazing but hey ho :) Super Quiet weekend in for me,,,urgh! Hope you're all doing something more exciting than mee! Followers look out for the giveaway coming reallll soon <3

My ebay is fullyyyyy stocked right now so definitely check it out if you want nails :)  Got a few more exclusive designs coming over the next few days which will also be available on ebay or directly if you want to email me! The Link is below!!

Bambi xx

Wednesday, 4 July 2012

Horse Play.

On Monday mumma bought me a pair of ballet slippers from Topshop in the sale but they were a bit too snug, so I took them back and swapped them for these sexbomb necklaces :) The skull necklace was again a tummy churning £1.50! I'd wanted the skulls for ages but I never got it, so getting it for £1.50 has definitely made me a very happy Girl. The horse was £6.25 - 1/2 of the original price, I'm sooooooo in love with it & I dont even know why :) I'm wearing it today, It has'nt made my day any better but it looks nice haha!

There are few nails in my ebay shop again now, but only until Saturday so be quick if you want some! £6 Delivered. Also check Etsy for others.

Bambi xx

Monday, 2 July 2012

Bargain Weekend.

Hola, Me again. I mentioned in my previous post, I did a teeny bit of shopping this weekend & picked up a few bargain treats!!  So heres what I got..
Rose & Spike Headband from Topshop, for the disgustingly cheap price of £1.50 reduced from £14 ...!! And a couple of pairs of Topshop cutie cutie knick knicks, Lord knows I own enough underwear but these were in the sale so I picked them up to put away!
Black Flatform Sandalssss! Eeeek!!! Been  on the hunt for a pair of these for ages, but had'nt found a pair that I liked enough to buy. These are very plain but soooooo nice & very easy to wear. Office sell a pair that are practically identical for £55 , I got these babies from Primark..£14..Say no more!
Primark eyelashes - I used to be an Eylure addict but they're so expensive now & ever since I first tried Primark lashes which was about 3 years ago, they've grown to be a favourite. I dont use the glue they come with, but I swear by these lashes & they're only £1 a pair :)

P.a Check the Ebay link at the side there are a few nails up for sale, be quick :)

Bambi xx