Friday, 31 August 2012

Black,White & Spotted Allover.

Here it isss!! My laaaavly new polka dot shirt!! I dont really have much to say except that im fully in love with it.Ive worn it like 3 times already since I got it. It feels lovely, its comfy and I feel like I Look good in it :) Happy Friday lovelliess, see below for things to dooooo!!  Have a good weekend.


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Bambi xx

Wednesday, 29 August 2012

Wednesdays Top 5;

 Top 5 Neutral shade MAC Lipsticks!!

Ok so you knowww I only wear MAC lippy! The quality is the besttt ever in my opinion and they dont feel too heavy on your lips, which is a feeling I cant stand. Im not even gunna bother to write a separate review on all of them, i'll the swatches do the talkin'. But here are my top 5 neutral/nudeyyy shades. From left to right we have; Chintz , Double Spin, Tanarama, To Catch A Sailor & Gel. The swatches are also left to right, same order for every photo. People always ask me which nude lipstick im wearing, so here is your answer! Chintz isnt nude but it looks goldy/bronzey when applied lightly, which is nice for an evening out! As far as day time wear goes, its 100% one of the other 4 that I wear, most likely to be Gel if im honest. Gel is my favouriteeeee! I've had it tooo many times to count it only lasts me like 6-8 weeks! Its so easy to wear and finishes off makeup perfectly!! Soooo yes, If you're looking for a neutral lipstick, definitely try one of these.  Happy Wednesday, the worst day of the week!

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Bambi xx

Monday, 27 August 2012

Bambis Been Bad.

  Black polka dot oversized shirt - H&M
Gold diamante cross rosary - Topshop (Mum got it for me for £1.50 *LOVE*)
Pearl cross necklace - Diva @ Miss Selfridge
Black textured grunge jumper - Topshop
Gold studded vectra slippers - Topshop
Just a little haul of things I've bought recently! Got the Polka dot shirt from H&M when they were doing 10% + Free delivery last weekend! I came home to it Friday night. Veryyyy pleased with it, I'd been after a sheer polka dot shirt for ages but the one I liked on ASOS was £35..I got this one for £22.49!!  Moreee cross jewellery, Im a little obsessed!! Mumma got me the Topshop rosary as she saw it and knew I'd love it, and I do. I never ever shop in Miss Selfridge but had a really quick look in there the other day and found the pearl cross necklace in the sale for £2!! To be honest I probably wont ever go in there again, but I do love this necklace.  The Topshop textured grunge jumper, I already have the neon pink version, so I thought I'd grab the black one, the quality of them is lovelyyyy! sooo soft! Anddd lastly the Vectra slippers, they finally bought them out with gold studs instead of silver! wooo! I ordered these on my lunchbreak on Tuesday, as soon as I saw them I had to have them! Absolutely in love with these little babies, comfyand effing beautiful! 
Happy Bank Holiday everyone! What to wear to an engagement party on Saturday? Any ideas?
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Sunday, 26 August 2012

Week in photos #8

Wall of Mizz magazines, My desk :) , More Mizz magazines, Big Bird in the office <3
Xmen Game in the office, Spiral staircase lovee, Lunch time, Hardcore sign haha.
Cute PR returns, Monkey cup , Flowers from Mumma, Presents from the Mizz girls.
 Okkk so I realise these pics might be a bit boring for some of you but I wanted to share some photos from my week at Mizz mag. Had a great week, super busy but really fun. I dont even have too much to say as I'm super tired, but check out the pics and how cool the office is. Thursday I came home to some lovelyyy flowers from my Mumma, Love her too much :) Andddd the Mizz girls gave me a big bag of presents on Friday, eeeeek! Made me feel soo special hahaha :) Hope you're all enjoying your weekend. I was feeling to maybe go to carnival but I sooo dont have the energy. Please check out my Ebay , stocked right up with nails and theres a few Topshop bits there too!

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Friday, 24 August 2012


1 X Topshop Spiked Hair Comb // 2 X Topshop Religious Bracelets //
1 X Hola-Bambi Leopard Nails.
You must be following this blog to enter. Quick 2 week giveaway, ends midnight 08/09/12 . There will be one winner, chosen at random via the rafflecopter. Goodluck!! Have a good bank holiday weekened! I need to plan something fun to dooo! any ideas hahaha?

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Thursday, 23 August 2012

Not my usual..

 Happy Thursday peopleeee, I've had a greatttt day & went into town quickly after I'd finished at Mizz. Topshop, do you ever stop giving me bargains that I cant resist? These babies are not my usual styling...hense the title. But boyyy they are amazing! they cost me £15 reduced from £85!  MENTAL! I couldnt say no at that price for a pair of Topshop Premium shoes. They're called 'LOUD' , Im not sure if that is what I would have named them haha. I admit theyre a little OTT and a stripper would probably die for these, but I like them..& im pretty I cant style them up nicely :)
(I do have a haul post coming sometime next week but these deserved a post of their own & I  havent had time to photograph it all.)

Bambi xx

Wednesday, 22 August 2012

Wednesdays Top 5:

Wednesday again! This weeks top 5 : Statement Necklaces.
Im a big fan of statement necklaces, the perfect way to liven up any outfit! Especially lovable worn under shirt collars <3
(From left to right)

Chunky Triple Chain Necklace:  Omg I have worn this to death, so much so that ir has discoloured and tarnished. I got this probably 5 years ago now in a Topshop sale, I'm pretty sure I paid about £3.50 and I've had about  a millions pounds worth of wear out of it! People always comment on this beauty!

Topshop Pony Chain:  If you read my blog regularly you'll know I got this recently, its just sooo cute and can make any top look special! A definite favourite in my life.

Topshop Multi Skull Row Necklace: I paid £2.50 for this gorgeousness, I love it & like the plain gold version which I also own, its an amazing piece.

Topshop Double Row Spike Necklace: I dont even know what it is I love so much about these spike necklaces. I think its the fact theyre pretty rocky and edgy, but the pink just girlies it up a bit! T blue version I have is also amazing! They go with anything!!

Chunky Gold Belcher Chain: Right, this sexy necklace I got from TKMaxx like 6 years ago...I dont actually think I had it off my neck for 3 of those years! I think it was about £14.99?!?!?  Its got such an 80's vibe I love it! Amazing quality, still in perfect condition :)

Bambi xx

Monday, 20 August 2012

August be mine?

Riverisland Khaki Camouflage Jacket //  Topshop Pearl Chain Collar //
 Zara Studded Citybag // Topshop Box Charm Bracelets // Topshop Showbiz Studded Plaforms.

Yes camouflage jackets are everywhere, everyone wants one, either that or the PU sleeved military jackets! I love them all just like everyone else, but this one from Riverisland I like because its a little bit different. The pearl chain collar is just gorgeoussss, everything I love in a necklace, but at £30 its a bit expensarooniee! The zara bag which realistically I'd never buy. at £59.99 I think its a bit too pricey for what is a very small bag! But it is laaaaavly none the less. These bracelets are sooo cute , crosses and skulls, my favourite. Lastly..... How beautiful can one pair of shoes be? In my eyes these neck-breakers are amazing...AMAZINGGGG!
Happy Monday everyoneee! My first day at Bliss/Mizz Magazine today!! Wish me luckkk :)

 Bambi xx

Saturday, 18 August 2012

Week In Photos #7

Leopard nails, Still loving my boots, My gorgeous doggy, Moreeeee Carmex.
Train time, FU to the rules haha, Train survival-kit, Taught my sister to bake.
Free ThorpePark tickets arrived, Pancake & strawberrys, Dyed my hair back dark, Meeee.

A crazy week for me, but Tuesday I spent with my little sister (shes 19...but very tiny hahaha) I found Mint Carmex clicksticks while we were in Peckham so I had to grab some! Then we wnet & bakes brownies & cake! YUM!.......I've gone back to dark brown, although right now its looking more black, but I'm gunna keep washing it and hope it lightens up! Feels sooo weird, been over a year since I had brown hair , before I was blonde I had bright red! Which I loved, but its so hard to maintain! Im gunna be hosting another giveaway from next week, a quick one probably running for 1 or 2 weeks featuring some Topshop goodies & a set of my nails! So followers keep your eyes peeled! Not sure what day it'll be as I'm gunna be super duper busy , but its definitely happening! Hope you've all had a good weekend so far! Im so hot and bothered, but gunna watch xfactor(oh god)and do some pampering tonight!!

Bambi xx

Friday, 17 August 2012

Fridays Face & Sugar Skulls.

Just a super quick one from me todayyy! Been up since 5 boohoo :( Lots to get done today!! Just wanted to show you these sugar skull nails, available to buy on my ebay, all ending tomorrow!! So be quick gorgeous people. Alsooo my face, My crazy face...This will be the last time you see me with blonde/ginger hair!! Boooo Hooo, yeppp I'm going back to brown, boring brown...which to be honest I dont really want to do, but my hair is so broken and dry , I need to go back to brown and just look after it for a while, especially as it wont be long till winter is here. Bye bye bleach, hello argan oil and endless intensive conditioning! No good afro hair :( Have a lovely weekend everyone!

Pleaseee check out Ebay -  Everything ending Tomorrow!!

Bambi xx

Wednesday, 15 August 2012

Wednesdays top 5:

Wednesday top 5 week two: Perfume... Im no good at explaining how perfumes smell, so dont expect any fancy words from me. I love these...Because they smell beautiful :) And really, isnt that all we need to know about a perfume!?!?

Christian Dior Pure Poison: This is literally one of my favourite perfumes of all time! Ive only had it 3 or 4 times as its really expensive, but my boy got this bottle for my birthday this year and I plan on making it last, so its for special occasions only!

Prada Leau Ambree: OMG, by far the nicest Prada perfume ever! I dont even know what makes this soooo beautiful, but its just laaavly, its the kind of perfume that you spray on yourself and you actually say ''Mmmmmm'' hahaha.

Jean Paul Gaultier Classique: This is hands down the top top top perfume in my life. Ive bought it countless times , for years and years now! Its the perfect scent for all occasions! I'll wear this perfume for the rest of my life. Literally perfection. If you haven't smelt it, you need to!!

Marc Jacobs Eau So Fresh: Very very similar to the gorgeousness that is Marc Jacobs Daisy, but the summer versions! Obviously its very floral,.that I can tell you for free :) This is a perfect go-to summer fragrance & I even have the minature bottle for my handbag!

Marc Jacabs Oh Lola: Again this is a summer version of an already established Marc Jacobs perfumes...Lola. I have Lola too which is an absolutely beautiful scent, and Oh Lola is very similar but a little fruitier! I got Oh Lola for my birthday this year and its been a lovely spring/summer scent.

Ebay ... Check it out!!

Bambi xx

Monday, 13 August 2012

Night Hawks.

I've been bad! But in my defence I'm going to be out of action for a few weeks in september so I should be grabbing some autumn bits now...(In my head that is a valid excuse.) Hehehehe! I kept looking at these ever since I first saw them, probably about 6 weeks ago now, then about 3 weeks ago I tried them on in my local Office, and fell completely in love. I was sooo close to just buying them but Office have such a crap returns policy, I didnt want to regret it so left without them. Now 3 weeks later after looking at them still nearly everyday, I decided to bite the bullet and just get them. They arrived Thursday and mended my week. They're perfect in every way. I feel seriously content with my life now hahaha! Have a good week everyone! Thankyou followers , and commenters :)  Check out my ebay !

Bambi xx

Sunday, 12 August 2012

Week in photos #6

My cutesie squirrels, Topshop delivery, Snuggling my new jumper.
Magazine day, Boots haul, Chocolates from my mumma.
Nutri-grain raisin bake yummm, Yellow monsters, Packed up my giveaway prizes.

Hope you have all enjoyed your weekends so far!  If you dont have a Boots advantage card - get one! Ive had mine about 8 months and have over £45 to spend on it! Debating spending them on Marc Jacobs Dot! Soooooooo niceee! Monday tomorrow..yay -_-

 Ebay is now fully stocked!

Bambi xx

Friday, 10 August 2012

Triple Drips & Giveaway Winners!!

Another set of nails to show you! The triple drips, yummy pink, lilac and blueee! And just to let you know that my ebay store will be restocked from tomorrow so make you have a lookie if you want to buy any of my designs! Secondlyyyyyy my giveaway is now finished, thankyou to everyone who entered! Two winners have been chosen via Rafflecopter.

The winners are:
Laura - Thats so yesterday
Sade - In my Sunday best

I will contact the winners via email , if there is no response within 3 days another winner will bechosen!! The only thing I ask is that the winners please link back to me if you feature my nails on your blog :)

Wednesday, 8 August 2012

Wednesdays Top 5:

Wednesday is my least favourite day of the week..For the next 5 Wednesdays I am going to show you my top 5 of Things. So in short I'll be showing you the things I love, on the day I hate. This week...Shoes!

Lace up Wedge Ankle Boot - NewLook:  I Showed you these in a previous post. I wanted a pair of boots that had a heel but were suitable for day. These are perfect for that. They looks a gazillion times better on. And whe you look down at them on your feet , they resemble a certain style of JC's.

Ablaze Tapestry Boots - Asos: My boy bought me these beautys for christmas! Yes he is amazing, and so are they. They're soooo super duper high and beautiful And they make a simple outfit look boom.

Script Pink Wedges - Topshop: These sold out in hours online. I bought these for  myself nearly 2 years ago, as soon as I saw them , I knew I had to own them. These are a perfect summer heel & even winter if the weathers not too wet!

Underground Wulfrun Creepers - Asos: To be honest, what can really be said about creepers?...apart from..I love you. Mine are a bit scuffled in places now as you can see. but my love with never die for these babies.

Black Patent Dr Martens - Asos: My mum always used to buy me DM's when I was growing up, So I've always had love for them. I got these last year, as I wanted a good boot for autumn/winter...Theyre gorgeous, go with pretty much anything and quality can not be questioned.

Hope you've enjoyed this post. GIVEAWAY ENDS 12:01AM FRIDAY MORNING..AKA 1 MINUTE AFTER MIDNIGHT THURSDAY!! (TOMORROW) be quick if you havent yet entered little pretties. Winners will be posted Friday daytime.

Bambi xx

Monday, 6 August 2012

This yellow will change your life.

 New in; Models own -Soda pop pink & Models own - Luis Lemon.

I ordered these babies last week and they just arrived this morning. Models own soda pop pink, It is what it says it is. Lovely bright pink colour, reminds me of those shrimp sweets! This is on sale on Asos , its £4 so only a pound off...but hey hooo , we save money where we can dont we :)
Secondly..HELLOOOO!! Luis Lemon... wowee , this colour is out of this world. Although I will say this, the photographs do not do it justice. I was trying to get my mittens on this for about 2 weeks as it was out of stock on modelsown website. Then I had a brain wave and checked Asos.,..and there it was. Beautiful & in stock. so naturally I ordered it straight away, along with soda pop pink. If you like a bright in your face colour, then definitely get Luis lemon. Its amazing.

P.s I realise this is getting repetative, but I dont want anyone to miss out! please enter my giveaway if you have not already as it closes this Friday.

Bambi xx

Sunday, 5 August 2012

Week in photos #5

shared a sundae with my boy,  Rose with Michelle, Likkle treat from J.
Costa for my journey home, My baby sleepin, Topshop Daydream .
J pants (My bf's name is Jamie), Built my bedside table, La Senza Pick 'n' Mix .
DIY complete, Me & my penguin from my little sister, Caribbean coconut cake.

Quiet one in for me this weekend boo hoo, my cars poorly :( Hoping to get it fixed asap, Pain in the bum!!  How cute is my boy gettin me that nail varnish? I'm in need of new pinks as I go through them super quickly. (I love pink) If you're looking for a bright pink and you haven't tried Topshop Daydream, Then definitely get your mits on it, beautiful bright colour & drys pretty quick too. Also my knickers with a J on haha....Cheeeeseyyy! Its been quite nice to jus chill out alone for the weekend...but I'm bored and lonely hahaha ! Hope you've all had a good week & weekend!
Thank you for following and commenting. Giveaway ends in 5 days now, link below.

Bambi xx

Friday, 3 August 2012


This is quite a simple design to do, But very  loveable & fun, these remind me of the pink slime in Ghostbusters 2 (Geek). You can email me ( if you would like to buy any of my designs, £6 delivered and I can ship internationally. Not much to say other than have a good weekend :)  This post is to mainly let you know that if you're following my blog then you only have one week left to enter my giveaway! Closing next Friday. So dont forget. More nails coming next week, & a couple of new buys to show you hahaha. Im awful.


Bambi xx

Wednesday, 1 August 2012

Topshop Treasure

Sooo you know I love a bargain. Well, yesterday Topshop did not dissappoint me, so I had to show you. Also I got these boots (Last picture obviously) from Newlook last week for 27.99. They're soooo comfy! Love them. Asos are doing a very similar style for £ check Newlook first if you're after a pair. I dont know why I get soo happy over a bargain, but I do. So here goes..

Yellow Lace Bralet - £3 (from £16)
Yellow Lace French Knickers - £1 (from £6)
E Knickers - £1 (from £4)
J Knickers - £1 (from £4)
Spike Chain - £2.50 (from £15)
Skull Necklace - £2.50 (from £12.50)

I paid £11 for £57.50 worth of Topshop goodies. Super Happy Face. I already have the spike necklace in pink & gold , and the plain gold version of the skull necklace. But they're two of my most worn necklaces at the moment, so to pick them up in different colours for £2.50 each is amazing. (even though I actually only paid £1.50 for the plain gold skulls) But I'm not gunna split hairs over it. Hahaha.  By the way I hate Wednesdays.

If you're following me, Enter the giveaway! Closes next friday. (Must be a follower of this blog.)

Bambi xx