Wednesday, 30 January 2013

Turning 24..

So as you probably know (and thank you sooo much for all the Birthday love) It was my Birthday Sunday! I had a lovely chilled out day and got lots of lovely presents. these are a few of my favourite bits!! I got loadsa Topshop jewellery from my bestfriend and mumma got me a few bits too! I LOVE the Gogo Philip bracelet its sooo beautiful! If you read my blog it featured in my wishlist at the beginning of the  month! And mumma had secretly scoped it out on the wishlist and got me it! Eeeek! Also Jamie got me the Zara bag from my wishlist - I was soo soo happy when he turned up with a huge box and inside was the bag I'd been lusting over since I first saw it!! He also got me some S&G and some Topshop jewels! So Ive been very lucky this year and the birthday haul is testament to how well my family and friends know me haha :)

Bambi xx

Tuesday, 29 January 2013

Another Blinged-up Beanie

Beanie - Ebay £2
Gold Skull Studs - Ebay (HERE)
I know, another beanie DIY so soon! But I had to show you these skull studs that I got and used to DIY a black beanie!! These were £2.30 for 10! And ten is all you'll need if youre planning on using them on a beanie! I only used 7 on mine! You can buy the same type of studs in Riverisland and they cost £6 for money saved there haha! Also if you've been looking at the blinged up beanies on ASOS which are priced between £12-£15... look there NO MORE! DIY your own! This beanie cost me £4.30 .. and although the ASOS beanies are beautiful, you can make your own equally as nice for a 3rd of the price they charge! You could also use gems or crosses, maybe some old jewellery! Im absolutely loving beanies right now !! What do you think of this DIY? Have you been blinging up your beanies?
Bambi xx

Sunday, 27 January 2013

Happy Birthday To Me!!

Nopeee, its not my blogs birthday, thats not till June! Todays my birthday , 24 eeeek! So no proper post, just a Birthday post to myself really hahah! Todays gunna be a bit of a quiet one spent relaxing and  beautifying haha! I went out Friday night for dinner and drinks with my bestest girls, and yesterday I spent with my family, so todays quiet, but thats cool and I've received some lovelyyyy presents that I need to stare at for a while hehe!! Also... I just wanted to say a massive thankyou to all of my followers, this week I reached 1000 Followers which is amazinggggg! So thankyou veryyyy much - sending untold love your way! Im gunna keep this super short and go and have some breakfast with my lovely mumma! Happy Sunday everyoneee!

Bambi xx

Friday, 25 January 2013

Topshop Gems

Black Gem Flatform Boots - £7
Point Necklace - £2.50
Black Skull Earrings - £1.50
You know I love me some Topshop bargains, I popped in there earlier this week with my mumma and she found the gem flatforms and bought them over to me knowing I'd love them! The sticker actually said £10 which was already a bargain as they started off at £35!! I tried them on, loved them and when I went to pay they came up as £7, which made the bargain feel even better hahaha. I wore them to work and they were super comfy all day :) So I'm definitely glad my mumma saw them!! The necklace and earrings are just two more beautiful items to add to my extensive Topshop jewellery collection! I have the skull earrings in cream enamel and in plain gold already so these seemed the perfect pair to add to the set!! SO yesssss I urge you to get yourself to Topshop for some super duper bargains! My local Topshop still has lots of stuff left , I think you just have to be prepared to have a little root through haha! I hope you all have a lovely weekend! My birthday weekend begins nowww, Im out on my lunchbreak with the work girls and then after work I'm out with best girls for dinner and some drinks!! Its not actually till Sunday but you have to take advantage of these things and I feel like Sundays the worst day to have a birthday!!  Do you all love the Topshop sales as much as me?
Bambi xx

Wednesday, 23 January 2013

On Point

Models Own Black Magic, Models Own Sopie's Pink, Models Own Black nail art pen & nail art pen in White.
1. Apply Your Pointed False Nails. Available at Primark for £1.
2. Get together your  nail polishes.
3. Apply 2 coats of your base colour and leave to dry.
4.Carefully with black nail art pen mark out your triangle.
5. Fill the space outside of the traingle with black nail polish.
5. Using the white nail art pen dot along the inside lines of the triangle. Let dry & topcoat.
This is another pretty easy one to do if you follow the steps :) I love the way this looks on the nails, and you can recreate it using any colours you like. I even sometimes put a stud or two inside the triangle, I love a bit of nail embellishments! Hope you like it! Email me pics at , I'd love to see if you have recreated any of my nail art tutorials! Happy Wednesday....or not seeing as its the worst day of the week! hahaha! Loveeeee!!
Bambi xx

Monday, 21 January 2013

In Your Face.

House Of Holland In Your Face Kit - £4 (Was £16)

I picked this up in the boots 75% sale for just  £4!! Yes its true, I was lucky to be passing on the day their stuff went down, believe me it was bedlam but it was great! There may still be a few bits around online or in your local Boots so make sure you have a look! I grabbed this because I've been after a new makeup bag to put in my handbag, plus I love the House of Holland designs. A few bloggers whos blogs I read got some of their stuff for christmas, they had some great gift sets available! There were alot of their body wash sets left too but I honestly wont need to buy soap, body scrub or moisturiser for a year or more - due to the amount of S&G I have in my possession(I also got the Soap and Glory 'Smooth over darling' set for £8.75 Eeeeek!!). I love liquid eyeliner, I usually just use Models Own Eye Definer or Natural Collections Liquid Eyeliner. I have to say this is a great eyeliner, and its a bit of a shame they're only available in the giftsets, although im pretty sure they'd be quite highly priced if sold individually, solely because of the brand name. The Mascara is pretty good too, I really like Rimmel Scanadaleyes mascara so I sort of always compare mascaras to that now. The brush is a standard small brush - But that makes it good for getting my teeny weeny bottom lashes. Did you get any of the House Of Holland kits for Christmas or in the sales?

Bambi xx

Saturday, 19 January 2013


1. Get Yourself some long pointed false nails - I used Primark ones (£1)
2. You Will Need Black & White Nail Polishes & a Black Nail Art Pen.
3. Apply 2 Coats Of White Nail Polish, Let Dry.
4. Carefully Draw a Cross outline in black nail art pen, make sure there is enough space inside the cross.
5. Using your black nail polish carefully fill in the spaces outside of the cross.
6. Start By drawing the O in the middle of the cross so you know there will be space, then draw the B & Y either side. Leave to dry & then apply topcoat.
This Nail art is inspired by the much loved BOY T-shirts! You will need patience and a steady hand for this one but the results will be worth it! I picked up the new pointed false nails from Primark Oxford Street when I was there the other week, they're a big big bargain so have a look around your local Primark for some! Let me know if you try this out!!! Have a good weekend!
Bambi xx

Thursday, 17 January 2013

Under the Arches

On Tuesday I assisted on my 3rd shoot, which as always was really fun :) Heres some pics from the day! This time we were in a small studio inside a railway arch in Bethnal Green, which was really cool! As you've probably worked out for the above photos, we were doing a monochrome story! The Model was soo sweet, her name is Carmen and she's only 15 would you believe!?  She was a great model and one of the more confident ones I've seen on a shoot, which was nice as they can be a little shy! There were also some hair tutorials and eye make up pics shot too! Hope you like the photos!
Bambi xx

Tuesday, 15 January 2013

MUA Haul

MUA F1 Foundation Brush - £3
MUA F4 Powder Brush - £3.75
MUA Matte Perfect Translucent Loose Powder - £2.30
MUA Hide & Conceal - £1
Firstly let me start by saying I've heard alot of bad things about the MUA online services and delivery , so was sceptical about making an order - But was then more than satisfied and got speedy delivery and good service! Ive been using a Lancome brush for my foundation now for the last 5ish years and its still going strong, I just thought I'd try a new one and for £3 I cannot complain one bit! This is a great quality brush and applies foundation just as well as my Lancome brush.
  I'm used to using Primark powder brushes which are about £1.50 and they're honestly great for me, but this powder brush considering its still only £3 is brilliant! So soft and so far I'm very impressed, Ive been using it along with the Matte Perfect Loose Powder - which to be honest was just a bit of a whim, but I love it! I sometimes get a really shiny t-zone so this works a treat! You do have to be careful when you apply it especially if you have darker skin like me, it is translucent but its very fair in colour before you apply it evenly. For £2.30 again I think this is brilliant, I have only been using it for a couple of days but its made such a difference!
 Hide and Conceal I got because for £1 I thought it was definitely worth a go, as I've sort of decided I'm not going to buy YSL Touche Eclat anymore as its pretty expensive - so I'm on the hunt for a cheaper alternative! Ive tried Lo'real Lumi Magique higlighter and Ive been using MUA Concealer brush pens, which are good and only cost £2 , but basically contain no product at all..So yes they re cheap but they last like 2 weeks or less, which is silly and probably works out more expensive in the end! I'm hoping Hide and Conceal might last a little longer, plus its in stick form so the product is much more concentrated! Its good so far and it says its good for under eye, which yes it is! I got it in 'Fair' as I like to just apply a little and blend thoroughly! Have you tried any of the MUA brushes and do you have any suggestions for other Touche Eclat type Dupes??
Bambi xx

Sunday, 13 January 2013

Yin-Yang Yourself

Models Own Snow White, Models Own Black Magic, Nail art pens in white & black.
1. Apply a white base coat and leave to dry.
2. Using a black nail art pen draw the wavey half line of your yin & yang sign and use black nail polish to fill in one half.
3. Using your black and white nail art pens apply a big black dot to the opposite half of the colour you are using. ( Black on white & white on black) Leave to dry - then topcoat.

I love the Yin&Yang sign, especially on nails, plus these fit in massively with the on-coming monochrome trend! LOVE IT! I try to keep these tutorials as simple as possible and these are soo simple to do as you can see! They dont take long at all. Just make sure the white base coat is completely dry, as in my experience white nail polish is a bit of a long dryer,..which I hate but its worth it for the results of this nail art! Let me know if you give it a go! Im thinking of posting some pics of your nail art , so if you do any from the posts I do or have done , send me some pics :)  Of course I'll post your link too! Hope you've all had a good weekend! Will you be trying this out?

Bambi xx

Friday, 11 January 2013


Benefit Boi-ing Shade 05 - RRP £16.50 - £9.00 via ASOS
I got myself this concealer about 2 weeks ago now in the ASOS sale, I'd never tried it before but I'd definitely say I'm now hooked. Ive always used MAC studio finish concealer, which I do like but found that once it was on the skin it dried more translucent than I would have liked...defying the point of a concealer in my eyes. For some reason the darker shades of Boi-ing are reduced on ASOS, lucky for me haha :) I pretty much went blindly into this buy, but I'm impressed and if theres still some available on my next payday I'll definitely grab one to put away!! This claims to be an 'industrial strength concealer' ...I probably wouldnt have worded it that way but yes it is very good and it conceals...Aim met!! So yep, give this a go if youre looking to try a new concealer, its a goodun'!! Also FOTD.....AND....In other news, the snow is apparently on its way, which in a lot of ways makes me super happy, I love playing out in the snow with my doggy, and pumelling my mum with snowballs.But travelling etc is such a nightmare, but hey ho - Bring on the fun! Happy Friday everyone, have a great weekend.

Have you tried Boi-ing? Do you have any other good concealers you can recommend?

Bambi xx

Wednesday, 9 January 2013

Face Soap Clarity

Soap & Glory Face Soap Clarity - RRP £7.00
I have loved and been using this ever since I got the Soap and Glory mega set last Christmas. It wasnt in the set this Christmas just gone but in its place was Peaches & Clean...which is really nice, but I prefer a face scrub to a face wash. In with the Best Of All mega giftset this year (again like last year)there were a set of vouchers to use throughout the year. The first being 'Save £3 on any Soap & Glory facial cleansing products'. I didnt have the specific intention on using the vouchers but I put them in my purse just in case! When I was in Boots over the weekend I noticed that the S&G facial stuff had £1 off...meaning this face scrub was now only £6... I chanced using the voucher at the till and it worked! So I got it for £3...and although I'd say that this is worth the RRP of £7 as its a brilliant product, I definitely appreciated picking it up for less than half price! I would recommend this to anyone really, its a great wash & scrub in one and it smells lovelyyyy, its very subtley minty which I really like and feel makes your skin feel fresh and clean when its left with the minty tingle. Also unlike alot of face washes and scrubs I've tried, this doesnt leave your face feeling dry after use. If you havent tried this but want to, now would be the time to get yourself to Boots and pick a tube up!! Have you tried Face Soap Clarity? Would you recommend any of the other Soap and Glory Facial Products??

Bambi xx

Monday, 7 January 2013

Birthday Be Mine..?

Zara Braided handle Shopper - £39.99 // Models Own Bubblegum - £5 // Topshop  Knitted Embellished Ray Jumper - £50 // Topshop Stunner Leather Buckle Heels - £85 // Butler & Wilson Leather Skull Bracelet - £28 // Gogo Philip @ ASOS Chunky Chain Bracelet - £20 // Gucci by Gucci 30ml EDP - £40 // Marc Jacobs Daisy 50ml EDP - £50
Its my Birthday at the end of the month, so for my wishlist this month its a special birthday one! For starters the bag is just perfect, its soo big, chic and laaavly!! Models Own in Bubblegum is the brightest most neon pink ever and mine has recently run out so I could do with another asap. The Jumper is pretty expensive but very pretty and its everything I love right now i.e Studs and embellishments. Topshop Stunners, I'm totally in love with , they definitely live up to their name, hoping someone will take pity on me and buy them for my birthday haha...but probably not!! Butler and Wilson have been around for a while now and I've always loved their stuff even though their prices have gone through the roof, this bracelet is beautiful though - my only reserve is that it only does up by magnet..meaning I'd probably be too scared to wear it out the house. The Gogo Philip bracelet from asos couldnt be more me if it tried, its amazing in every single way!! Gucci by Gucci perfume is sooo nice, smells amazing as does Marc Jacobs Daisy which I still havent restocked on!! Anyone elses birthday in this bestest month which we call January? Anything similar on your wishlist?

Bambi xx

Saturday, 5 January 2013

All You Need Is Studs.

Oversized Neon Yellow Beanie - £3 Ebay
Black Studs - £3.99 for 50 Ebay (HERE)
I got these studs earlier in the week from Ebay. I'm going to stud the shoulders of a Jumper too but I need some bonderweb to thicken it up and I really dont feel like going out today, So I thought I'd put a few on my neon beanie for now! All you do pierce the teeth through where you want them and then I just used a knife to bend them in on themselves. (Naughty naughty health and safety) Make sure you're careful if you do it with a knife, it doesnt have to be a sharp knife just anything with a flat edge you can use to rest on the tooth to bend it. These studs are a very reasonable price and great quality, quite heavy duty as they're made for leather and denim craft. You can also get them in brass and silver! I might order some silver ones and stud some canvas boots I have! Hope you're all having a good weekend :)
Bambi xx

Thursday, 3 January 2013

Rising Star

 Topshop Nails in Rising Star - £6
Hey hey, hope you all had a great New Years! Mine was okayyyy :) Anywhooo I went to Lakeside Sunday for a quick look around the sales, it was bedlam!! Soo soo busy! So I kind of didnt bother looking properly as it was just too manic. I got this beauty in Topshop! As soon as I saw it I knew I was having it haha. I wore it over a galaxy print nail design for NYE, but Ive just shown it over black in the picture above so you can see :) I love it!! You could probably make this kind of nail polish on your own if you could find a place that sells teeny weeny sequin stars or maybe love hearts...OPI did a minnie mouse love heart one last year but it was so expensive I never took the plunge to try it! For £6 this ones definitely worth a go girls!! Back to a Christmas-less life we go :( Happy Thursdayyyy <3

Bambi xx