Monday, 29 April 2013

Boy I love to shop

 Rainbow, Yin-Yang & Smiley socks - £2 Primark
Frilly & Tie-dye socks -£1.50 Each
Chunky Curb Chain - £3.99 H&M
Mink Lace Boyfriend Tee - £28 ASOS
Stunner Cut Out Platforms - £50 Topshop
Ive been shopping again, and still nothing particularly colourful or summery. I'm not a crop top person for obvious reasons and all the nice tops about at the moment seem to be cropped urgh. Im on the look out for a few cutesie bits for when the sun comes and stays! But in the mean time..Omg I got my STUNNERS wahoooo in the Topshop mid-season sale! Sooo happy with them! I was thinking about the lace bf tee tucked into my leather skater skirt with a cross belt and my stunners for a night out soon!?!?  Also Ive got a fancy dress party coming up and the theme is Any Celebrity..any ideas people?  Have you been buying anything in the mid season sales ??
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Friday, 26 April 2013

Boney Fingers

 1. Apply your chosen base colour, I've used Barry M Greenberry.
2. Using white nail polish or a nail art pen carefully draw bone type shapes randomly on the nail.
3. With a black nail art pen outline the bones and apply a short black line along the length of the bone. Let dry and topcoat.
Heres a little boney nail art tutorial for you , maybe try it over the weekend and send me pics if you do :) Bones.. I love these and they grab lots of compliments. Greenberry is such an amazing nail colour I love it, and with bones over it its extra special haha! This is quite easy to do really and nothing has to be perfect does it!? Friday again wahooo, have a good weekend :)

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Tuesday, 23 April 2013

Whipped Clean

Whipped Clean 250ml - £8*

You've probably read me raving about Soap and Glory before, but here comes a recent discovery I wanted to share with you anyway! Whipped Clean the luxe cream wash shower butter! I don't think I've ever really raved about soap before.. I'm more into nice moisturisers and stuff for post-bath. BUT!!!! This is basically like a moisturiser for in the bath, its a thick consistency which keeps its shape when you squeeze some out and doesn't run and go everywhere like a normal soap. It rubs onto the skin and feels like a rich moisturiser but then starts to foam and transforms into a soap..I dont know if I've ever used this word before..but it smells DEVINE - like vanilla and cocoa and all things lovely! It leaves my skin feeling soft and clean and smelling amazing! After using this in the tub, I then use The Daily Smooth Body Butter..which its basically I'd say the moisturiser equivalent to Whipped Clean. They work together me! Have you tried Whipped Clean? Whats your favourite Soap & Glory product?
Also my giveaway finished yesterday and the winner is;
Kemi Kadir from - UltimateCurlyCouture

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Saturday, 20 April 2013

Ombre Alternative.

 1. Apply your chosen base colour, Probably 2 coats for good coverage.
2. Using a sponge create an ombre effect with 2 more colours of your choice.
3. Leave your ombre plain or draw nail art over it & then topcoat.
This isnt a tutorial as such , but more of a little inspiration board for you! I absolutely adore ombre nails and there are soo many things you can do with it aswell as leaving it plain which looks just as good! I've done a different design on each finger so you can get a good idea of the things I do, Palm trees, Leopard print, Mini Yin&Yang signs, Hearts and crosses! Which is your favourite and how do you personalise your ombre nails?? Hope you're having great weekends, last day to enter my giveaway toooo!
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Tuesday, 16 April 2013

Latest Spring Buys

 Big Gem Necklace - £9 Newlook
(Super Tacky) hoops - £4 Claires
Studded Suede Flatforms - £15 Office
Skull I.D Bracelet - £3 ASOS
Oversize Toille Print Shirt - £40 Topshop
You guys love to see what I've been buying etc so here's another haul post!! My nan actually bought me the office shoes for £15 reduced from £55...on the premise that I'd wear them to work lol...bless her :) Ill wear them anytime not only to work, they're sooo comfy and pretty and heighty!! Tackarama on the earrings I know but I've been wearing scrunchies and my hair in a topknot and I just feel like big hoops complete the look soo well!! My most favourite thing has got to be the shirt! Its really big and oversized which I love and it'll be perfect for warm days or evenings in beer gardens! Have you been buying anything similar recently? My giveaway ends in like 5 days so get your entries in 

peoples! Happy Midweek!!

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Monday, 15 April 2013

April Be Mine?

Silk Wide Pocket Shirt by Boutique - Topshop £80 // Wildfox Bel Air Sunglasses - £196 // Queen Cameo Necklace - £65 Asos // Monochrome Scrunchie - £5 Asos // OMG White Flatform - £50 Office.
Ahh the sun is finally arriving, time to get a little more summery with outfits. Which is really hard considering how cold its been, I feel lost now in regards to summer clothes!! Anyway these are a few things I'm totally in love with! And if money was plentiful this would definitely be a whole outfit I'd love to own! Is there anything similar on your wishlist?
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Wednesday, 10 April 2013


 1. Apply your chosen base colour, I used Barry M Gelly Shine - Papaya.
2. Using a black nail art pen carefully line around your nail as thick or thin as you like.
3. Using a white nail art pen draw on your shine marks, like curved exclamation marks. Let dry then Top coat.
I love these nails tooo much, the way they look really weird and fake haha. Soo easy to do and you can use any base colour, I love this peachy coral and it also looks really good with bright blue or bright pink! I want pictures if you try this out, which I think you should as its super easy! What do you think? Will you be trying this out? Dont forget to enter my giveaway if you havent already.
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Monday, 8 April 2013


  Sleek MakeIUp True Colour Lipsticks in Plush - £4.49*

I love Sleek make up...blah blah blah!! You already know it so I wont go on. I was recently given this as a gift, so I thought I'd share it with you! The lipstick its self goes on sooo smoothly , its a sheen so it glides on and has a sheen finish! Its easy to apply and doesnt feel too heavy on the lips which is my absolute worst nightmare! When I first went to try it I imaged it would be more of a translucent glossy lipstain, but its not its actually full colour liptick! I realllyyyyy like it. I have Mac Girl About Town and I'd say the colour is pretty much identical and the quality is too! If you read my blog regularly you know I only ever wear Mac on my lips, but I'll definitely be wearing this! If you like Mac but are a bit put off by the prices, then I'd say this was definitely a very good dupe for Girl About Town - which is pretty popular as it is an amazing colour! I'm thinking I might get myself a couple of nude shade Sleek Lipsticks at some point and see if they're a match for my adored Mac nudes - and under a 5er for a lipstick isnt gunna break the bank!! What do you think of this colour? Have you tried any other Sleek lipsticks?
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Friday, 5 April 2013

Yin-Yang on ya bonce.

 Yin-Yang Sew-On Patch - £2.49 Ebay
Black Beanie £2.35 - Ebay
Its no secret how much I love beanies, and I'd wanted a yin-yang one for sooo long but I refuse to shell out those prices. Then I had a brain wave, I love a bit of DIY and this one is by farrrr the easiest!! I got a sew-on yin-yang patch from ebay and another £2.35 beanie from beechfield on ebay...and hey- presto £4.84 and a bit of stitching later...Ive got this :) Do notttt be tempted to iron it on for speed, beanies and heat = no no no! I dont care if you think you cant sew or dont have time, this took less than 3 minutes so...DO IT!!! Have a lovely weekend :)
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Monday, 1 April 2013

1000+ Giveaway

The Prizes; Sleek Pout Polish in Pink Cadillac
H&M Pear Eau De Toilette
Soap & Glory Scrub Em' And Leave Em
Models Own Sterling Silver
Models Own Ice Neon Luis Lemon
Topshop Lizzard Earrings
Newlook Cross Ring
This is just a small giveaway to say a big thankyou to my followers! I chose prizes that reflect the sort of things I love. There will be one winner, the giveaway will be open for 3 weeks and the winner will be picked via the Rafflecopter.
 To enter you must be following my blog via GFC and Bloglovin'.
Leave your GFC and Bloglovin' user names in a comment below and to let me know you have entered :) Goodluckkkkkk!!
a Rafflecopter giveaway  
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