Monday, 24 February 2014


 W7 IN THE BUFF - £5.99 Ebay

Say hello to my new go-to neutral palette, this has become my new holy grail. Urban Decay Naked palettes are much loved and sort after but I have never taken the plunge, except in buying the Naked Basics palette which is very good but only includes 6 which are all matte. This palette is a very close match for the Naked 2 palette which costs around £37 around 6x the price of this...I couldn't be more impressed with it. The shadows are  great quality, apply easily and softly and the colours are well pigmented. I already hope W7 bring out another one in replica of Naked 3 which looks completely amazing. Its not to say I begrudge spending money on high end beauty products because I spend alot of money on brands like MAC, but something has always held me back from spending nearly £40 on an eyeshadow palette...Maybe it was my subconscious telling me to hold on for this!! IN THE BUFF contains 12 neutral toned eye shadows with a mix of matte and shimmer finish. It even comes with a brush, one end being a brush and one a sponge applicator , which I have been using along with a mac blending brush. I literally dont have a bad word to say about this product. I havent swatched this because sometimes I think its kind of a waste of time as my skintone is different to most of yours so you should just try it for yourself. The colours honestly apply as they look in the palette. I highlyyyy recommend you get yourself one of these palettes as soon as possible!!
Have you tried this?? Do you have an alternative Naked dupe???

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Monday, 17 February 2014

Gun Fingers

Models Own Hyper Gels ; Cornflower Blue, Pink Veneer & Turquoise Gloss

I expressed to you my love for these Hyper Gels already in my previous post, the quality is great and if you love the Barry M Gelly Shines then these Models Own equivalents are definitely for you .
First up Cornflower Blue..The name gives this a pretty accurate description of what the colour is like, this would be a great base colour for a floral design like daisies or Cath Kidston type chintz. I put a gun on mine...just because I wanted to and thought it looked quite cool, I've been doing guns on my index fingers quite alot recently - naughty I know. I used a black nail art pen to draw on the silhouette of a gun and then used a gold nail art pen just do draw a line horizontally down the gun just to highlight.
Pink Veneer , Im sooo in love with this colour, as you know I ordered another bottle with my second order. It looks sooo beautiful on its own, its the perfect springy pink. This would also be a good base for a floral and definitely a great base for a fruity nail art, the fruit trend is set to be back this season and these would match some of the cute accessories already becoming available in the shops! again I used nail art pens, I applied the white, then the yellow, let dry and then outlined using black. Its not much work and doesn't have to be tooo fiddly.
Turquoise Gloss is very similar to the Barry M Greenberry Gelly Shine, which was one of my favourites from that collection. Its again a very Spring ready shade and lovely worn on its own. Another great way to use this is for mermaid inspired nails. They're super easy to do and the result is always sooo nice. One coat of Turquoise Gloss, stippled over with patches of Cornflower Blue & a light coat of holographic glitter, then scales drawn over the top with a white nail art pen. Its that easy!!
Have you been using the Models Own Hyper Gels for any nail art? Which is your favourite colour and nail art?

Also a winner has been picked from my Giveaway randomly via the rafflecopter, I had hoped to do this sooner over the weekend but I'm really poorly with a yucky flu bug, trust me when you get it it wont be pretty. Thankyou to all of you who entered, the winner is Georgina Callen from Hope you all have a good week and stay away from the Flu!!

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Thursday, 13 February 2014

Fiddy Percent

Firstly let me start this post by saying... If you didn't shop the Models Own 50% Sale...Why???!!!! Its one of the most exciting things to happen to me so far this year hahahaha!! I made my first order on the Wednesday morning , the first day of the sale. I was quite hasty and didn't really think it through too much but if you've shopped their sale, then you fully understand where I am coming from. 
The very next say the package arrived at my door and I was ridiculously excited and very impressed with the super speedy delivery! In the first order I got: Hyper Gels - White Light, Cornflower Gleam & Pink Veneer. Models Own Pink Blush, Black Magic x2, Black Nail art pen & an eye shadow contour brush. If you're wondering why I got 2 Blacks...Its because Models Own black is the BEST Black nail polish I've ever used, and I've sampled quite a few! I was so so excited to try the Models Own Hyper Gels, after loving Barry M Gelly Shines so much. I put Pink Veneer on my nails straight away and fell in love with it. Its the perfect pastel pink and I know sooo many people will absolutely love it , especially for the upcoming season. White Light also is amazing, I put some on my toes and was sooo impressed with the application. I love White nails but struggle so much to find a brand that gives good coverage, application  and doesn't take hours to dry! Hyper Gel - White Light.. has done the job perfectly, honestly if you haven't got it - you need to get it. So on the Thursday night after work, I was looking at my already purchased polishes and remembered I'd forgotten to get BlooBoo and that I'd a week before smashed one of my favourites - Northern Lights. So I put in another order, I got; Northern Lights, BlooBoo,HyperGels- Pink Veneer & Turquoise Gloss and a White nail art pen. Just to clarify Pink Veneer is honestly THAT good that I took the opportunity to buy a reserve, so I don't have to be with out it. I'm quite impressed with my colour choices as its all very springy and sugary!To get allllll of this for the combined price of  £33  for both orders...I couldn't be happier! I've got some nail art ideas in mind and I think I'll review a few of the colours, so look out for those! I adore the Hyper Gel collection, which colours have you tried?!! Did you buy anything in the 50% Sale??

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Monday, 10 February 2014

Agent Zero Shine

the POREfessional , Agent Zero Shine - £23.50* Benefit

I got this as one of my Birthday Gifts from my Mumma, Its only been on sale since Boxing Day and I was dying to try it since it was released! I like alot of you have tried POREfessional Primer and really liked what it did for my skin & makeup, although my only hang up with POREfessional Primer was that due to the nature of the product I did sometimes feel like my skin was suffocating when I wore it. I've been using this for around 2 weeks now and I'm really happy with the results. I usually just use the Rimmel Stay Matte translucent pressed powder, which isn't amazing but it definitely works well for a cheap everyday option. I don't want to be reliant on using  Agent Zero Shine everyday as it is more of a luxury product, but I thought I'd give it a good test drive and fair trial by using it everyday for a few weeks. It definitely does what it intended. I apply my make up as I normally do, tap some powder into the lid and then use the brush to lightly dust it over my face but making sure I pay attention to my T-zone. I never used to suffer with oily skin but as I've got older it has crept up on me. I suppose in some ways its better to have oily skin than dry skin...but its still a pain when you're dead set on matte looks like I am. This keeps shine at bay pretty much completely for probably 9 hours plus. It does say to reapply when needed but I don't get time to reapply when I'm at work and then when I'm home my make up comes straight off anyway! What I really like about this product is , when I apply it my make up instantly looks matte, and the powder is really silky and isn't heavy at all. I would definitely recommend this for those of you that have tried POREfessional Primer and liked the results that it gave. Have you tried Agent Zero Shine? Will you be repurchasing it?


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Sunday, 2 February 2014

Valentines Be Mine..?

Suede Backed tote - £36 Topshop //  Soap & Glory 3for2 -Boots // Fujifilm Instax Mini 8 Instant Camera Kit+ 40 Shots - £89.99 Argos // Love Locket - £6.96 Lush // Hugs & Kisses Cupcake Set - £14 Topshop // Pastel Blue Slouch Jumper - £22.99 NewLook //Rusty The Fox Flask - £11 Asos // Pink Bows - £1.99 H&M // Leather Round Toe Walker Boots in Pink - £90 The WhitePepper
January is done...1 month closer to the countdown for Christmas ahaha :) February means one thing, LOVEEE! I dont really ever do much on Valentines Day - Its definitely not a big deal to me. In saying that I do absolutely love the girly Valentines bits that come out in all the high street shops, and I definitely wouldn't turn down something super romantic like a trip to the top of The Shard and then dinner in the city!! These are some of the beautiful sugar coloured things Im loving at the moment! The WhitePepper boots I sooo badly want but they're not cheap, but I guess the colour permits Summer wear..another tick on the Pro's list!! Im one of these people that loves little bits, like stationary and knickknacks, so things like a flask with a fox on I instantly love! I also saw this bag in Topshop the other day and the colour is just tooo yummy and If I had the above sweater, they'd definitely be worn together!! Is there anything similar on your Valentines Wishlist? How Will you be spending the Day?
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