Sunday, 30 March 2014

New In; Freedom

 Palm Tree Chain - Gift**
Double Chain Purse - £8 Sale
Green Gem Ring - £2.50 Sale
Lion Studs - £5.50 Sale

Hola, Hola!! Its just been payday and Topshop have launched their mid season sale. I popped in just for a little look and couldn't believe the Lion Earrings were in the sale. As you would have seen from my previous posts I really like the lion head jewellery that is out at the moment and these earrings match my necklace from Claire's perfectly. They're also the much larger version of my much loved KUKEE lion head earrings .  These were originally £10 which I do think is probably more towards the reasonably priced items that Topshop sell but I didn't get them when I first saw them, which was back in January! Now £5.50?!? Definitely cant say no to that!! The same scenario with the double zip purse, I wanted to get it to match the quilted bag I got around my Birthday (which actually broke and was replaced TWICE - then I gave up and got something different). The purse originally being £14 I thought nah its too much for something thats made of polyurethane...So was super happy when I got the last one in the shop for £8!! I thought the ring was cute, I do tend to buy rings and then not wear them but I'm going to make a conscious effort to start wearing them more as I just got some cute midi rings from New Look too! Lastly the Palm Tree chain, what a banger! This was actually a present , lucky me ay!? ... I think its around £16.50 though and I know there are matching earrings which are really cool...The palm trees remind me of GoGo Malibu 1992 which my boy actually got me the bracelet of for my Birthday - I LOVE! Have you been bought anything in the Topshop Mid Season Sale?

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Friday, 21 March 2014

angelica Nail Colour

 L-R; Think Pink, Keylime Pie, Poker Face,Polka Dot C/O angelica Nail Colour

 If you know me and know my blog, you know that I'm obsessed with nail polish & nail art. When angelica said they'd send me a preview of their latest collection , I was more than excited. Angelica 
Nail Colour was launched in 2011 and is currently available at over 80 Primark and Penneys stores throughout the UK and Ireland, as well as their online store
These nail colours are great quality with a huge range of colours, of which new shades are launched every 6 weeks and limited edition shades launched in between. The nail colours are sold online for £2.75 & around £2.50 in store at Primark. In all honesty despite never trying angelica previously , I always looked at their colours in Primark & one of my best friends always uses them. Now I have tried them I will definitely pick up some of their polishes in the future, and I know for a fact they've got some beautiful pastels out at the moment which I might have to get my mitts on.
Angelica sent me four gorgeous shades, my favourite of these  is the Polka Dot Top Coat! It looks perfect on its own & over a nail colour (amazing over a pale pink). Its also absolutely perfect for the monochrome trend this season. I've also tried the pink out already and its sooo nice!! These polishes have a great shine on their own, but I always use a Top Coat anyway which gives extra shine & helps make them chip resistant. If there's one of these that I would insist you should try its the Polka Dot, its so versatile and perfect for this season not to mention affordable!! Have you tried angelica nail colour? Do you reccomend any shades for me to try?

Twitter; @angelica_nails
Instagram; @angelicanailcolour

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Friday, 14 March 2014


 Barry M Silk Collection - £3.99 Each Boots

 When I saw these nail polishes new in my local Boots and on offer 3for2 I hastily picked them up by colour, I didn't actually read what they were about I just loved the colours so bought them. On using them I realised they're actually a matte finish...which is fine if you like that on your nails but I don't personally really like it. The name Silk to me would imply a glossy shiny finish...and Satins are usually more of a matte finish so maybe the name satin might have been a bit more appropriate haha!! The colours themselves I absolutely love and they have a slight shimmer and pearl likeness to be honest despite what I have moaned about above...these colours are great...and one easy and quick solution is of topcoat it!! Which is what I've been doing...and these are definitely perfect colours for this season...I don't know if I would go out of my way to buy these again, but they are nice!! Have you tried them? p.s The whole matching Buddha thing was just a happy coincidence... They're from Urban Outfitters. Have a good week beautifuls!

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Monday, 10 March 2014

March Be Mine..

Tee - £16, Cleated Sole Boots - £75 Both Riverisland
Pale Pink Belt -£5 , Gold Russian Hoops - £6 Both Asos
Monochrome Skirt - £12.99 H&M
Grey Buffalo Leather Bucket Bag - £85 Zara
Pink Oversized Scrunchie - £2.99 New Look
Sheer Lips in Alibi - £8 Topshop

March is here,  more lovely things I feel like I need - but more realistically that I want :) I'm really falling for pastels and pale tones right now!! This would look sooo hottt as an outfit and everything on its own is equally as nice :) The boots come in grey and in black too... to be honest the black ones are absolutely smoking and probably far more practical in terms of wear-ability. I've got some holiday to use up at work by April so next week I'm off, I'm going to Liverpool  for a few of my days off to visit my cousins...which ultimately means a girly shopping day is in order!! I can not wait to hit Liverpool ONE!!!!!! Hopefully a little bit of wishlist fulfillment will be happening! Is there anything similar on your wishlist?? Whats your favourite piece??

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Sunday, 2 March 2014

Spring Fling

Pastel Satchel - £22 (discount) RI via ASOS
White Cut Out Shoes - £35 RI via ASOS
Jumper, 2 Shirts & Textured Tee - All New Look around £17.99 Each
Monochrome Boyfriend Coat - New Look £13
Chain Ankle Courts - New Look £5
Lion Chain - Claires £8
Black Oversized Knit Sweater - £13 ish H&M

The suns been shining a little bit recently but essentially the weather is still miserable and cold. The shops are filling up with pastels and brights and there are a few mid season sales starting to kick off. Its the perfect time to have a little shop around! Im not a fan of anything sleeveless so when Spring creeps in I like to try and pick up nice bits that will be good for summer. The spotty shirt is my fave - a boxy oversized short sleeve shirt and its soooo cute! Im thinking jeans and all white AF1's , probably teamed with the blue bag which by the way I'm sooo in love with - It even feels nice to touch hahaha!! I wasn't going to buy any more coats but I saw this one online in the sale for £13 and bought it because its a bargain and I had previously been eyeing it up! The chain strap shoes were a mega steal reduced from £24.99 which I actually found in store...They're not amazingly comfortable as Im used to always wearing something with a platform but I just thought they were way too cool and chic to pass up for £5...Especially considering this style of shoe is going to be big this season. The Lion necklace I already own a smaller version which I bought for something like £2 from ebay last year and wear alot, I want to wear them both together so the Claires one sits underneath the small one :) So in summary I'm trying to incorporate some pastels into my mainly black wardrobe..which  I think I've done well as a jumping off point from looking at this haul! And I'm really enjoying oversized shirts & knits are you??!  Have you been buying anything similar recently?

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