Saturday, 29 September 2012

Week In Photos #13

Shyah's hurted paw, Jean Paul Gaultier Diet Coke, RedBull Mini Cooper, Steak dinner Mmmm.
His 'n' Hers Costa, 4 New pairs of PJ's, Cool den under a tree, Hospital for Bambi.
Angel Hello Kitty, Post Op Meds, Beautiful flowers from Jennifer, My get well soon bits.
Bit of a miserable and pain filled week for me. But glad its all over and I'm now on the mend :) Staying in is makin me nuts soo if anyone has any anti-boredom tricks I'd love to know them!!??
I just want to say another huge massive thankyou to Jennifer from TheBigBurd for my amazingly lovely flowers! They've definitely helped to cheer me up <3  Ive got a super nice haul post for you next week so look out for that! Its a good one trust me :) Have a good weekend and if you're a follower of my blog dont forget to enter my giveaway!!!
Bambi xx

Friday, 28 September 2012

La Moda Giveaway!!

As you know La Moda Boutique sent me a gorgeous bag last week! They also included this cuteeee jade green fringed bag (it looks more blue in the photos??) Anywayyy I Thought it was only right to do a giveaway with this as there is no need to be greedy :)  All you need to do is fill out the rafflecopter, the giveaway will be open for 3 weeks! You must be a follower of my blog to enter & there will be just one winner.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Bambi xx

Tuesday, 25 September 2012

Me Loveee Me La Moda

Long sleeved top - H&M
Cape/Shirt - Primark
Jeans - DP
Boots - Newlook
Bag - C/O La Moda Boutique

I was sent this beautiful bag by La Moda last week, and lets just say I fancy the pants off of it haha! When I unwrapped the bag even my mum said "Ohh its very you!!" This reminds me of the 80's & 90's , which is a vibe I absolutely love! The gold chain handles are amazingggg! This bag will go with pretty much everything I wear & I adore gold accessories so its a perfect match for me! Im soooo grateful to La Moda for sending me this, its like it was made for me :) Andddd...the extra good news is, they also sent me the cutest Jade green fringed bag, which I'm going to be giving away to one lucky follower of my blog! The giveaway will start on Friday!! Outfit wise, this is the Primark cape/shirt I showed you in my last haul post, It was a bit chilly so I wore it over a long sleeved pink top which happened to match perfectly! Its seriously oversized though, so I probably should have got a smaller size, got lots of compliments on it though :) I'm going into hospital today, to have a corneal transplant tomorrow, I wont bore you with the details but I'll be M.I.A for a few days! Should only be in for 1/2 nights so I'll try to get the giveaway up on Friday for you guys at some point :)


Bambi xx

Monday, 24 September 2012

Essie me silly.

From Left to Right; Skirting The Issue // Dont Sweater It // Miss Fancy Pants.
I was given these Essie Fall 2012 nail polishes last week as a gift, So I thought I'd share them with you. Essie is such a lovable brand, great quality and a humungous range of colours! Their range of pink nail polishes is beyond anything I could ever imagine! I have the Essie summer collection which I really love, especially the blue (Bikini So Teeny) and was really happy to get some nice autumnal shades to add to my collection! For my nails I used 2 coats of Miss Fancy Pants, which is a mushroom toned polish and then used Skirting the Issue for a burgundy/red wine tip!! I really love how they turned out! I think these are about £8 each, depending where you're buying from? To be honest I'm a bit of a '£5 is the limit' kinda girl when it comes to nail polish! So these are  slightly out of that price bracket & im not sure I'd go out and buy a ton of nail polish from essie..but theyre definitely amazing quality &  its justified for an occasional splurge :)


Bambi xx

Saturday, 22 September 2012

Week In Photos #12

Iced Tea In Zizzis, Wrapped Mummas Bday presents for next week, Seaweed Peanuts For Lunch.
80's Glam Sharpies, Loveeeed My Sharpies Right Up, Googleee Nails.
£2.50 Topshop Dynamite, Saw Mr Bean hahhahaha, Card From The Mizz Girls :D
Soooo I've had a super busy week, I started my new job & I'm absolutely loving it. The girls in the office are lovely and I find the work really fun! All clothes and beauty orientated so its amazinggg!!
My Limited Edition 80's Glam Sharpies came , theyre laaaavly! The name alone swung it for me haha! I think I might customise some cups with them!?!? Any one tried it?  Got this necklace from Toppy-Shoppy on Thursday after workie, frosted glass cross on a long gold chain - HELLO!! Also I saw Mr Bean on my way to work Friday morning hahaha! Well,,it could have been him! Im having an Op next week and the Mizz girls got me the cutest card to wish me luck, made me feel all special!This weekend just relaxing and trying to stay stress free! Socialising and all that jazz :) What are you lovelys getting up to??


Bambi xx

Friday, 21 September 2012

Bikers & Stripers.

Stipey Top - Topshop
Sleeveless Biker - DIY
Gold Chain - Old TK Maxx
Jeans - DP
Black Patent Dr Martens - ASOS
Gold Satchel - H&M
Quick one for you today dudesss! Off to workiee in a minute, I Started my job at Mizz Yesterday! Wooo! This outfit is kinda boring, kinda not..I mean Patent DM's dont make a boring outfit, I got these last year and boyyyy am I happy that its time to unleash them again :) Loving my new gold satchel as you can see! Sooo cute and spices up an everyday outfit! How chilly has it got this week! I love it hahaha :) More layersssssss <3 Also went a bit wacky with the nails, I've always loved googly eyes...looks cool doesnt it!?! :)   Hopefully gunna have a good weekend before the dread that is next week!! Although I dont actually know what I'm going to do hahaha!! Whats everyone getting up to this weekend? 

Remember to keep your eyes peeled followers, got something for you next week which im excited aboutttt :)
Bambi xx

Wednesday, 19 September 2012

£7.99 What A Dime!

This is the set I got from TK Maxx recently, when I posted them in my week of photos a few people said they would like to see a post on them. So here it is. The set cost me £7.99 for what would ordinarily cost £15! They had lots of different sets but this was absolutely perfect for me, I'd been looking for a nice peach for a while as the ones I have a very orangey..which may sound strange considering thats basically what peach is, but I wanted something more white-based and pastelly! So Peach Sherbert is perfect! Hot Pink..obviously just because its pink! And my favouriteee of the set is Thunder & Lightening, I'd had my eye out for a black glitter or a metallic black for a while, so when I saw this in the set it sealed the deal completely! Black polish with teeny tiny glitter bits. As far as I know Thunder & Lightening isnt on the ModelsOwn website but there is something that looks kind of similar but the glitter looks to be mostly silver called Mixed Up. In the picture Ive used one coat of normal black nail polish (ModelsOwn Black Magic) and one coat of Thunder & Lightening! I cant stop looking at my nails, its soooo gorgeeee!
Sooooo..if you're a fan of ModelsOwn, OPI, Nails inc, definitely check out your local TK Maxx!!

Bambi xx

Monday, 17 September 2012

H&MBridge Satchel Company.

Say hello to my new baby! Now I , like alot of people absolutely adore The Cambridge Satchel Company bags, but being such a lover of bags..and anything fashion related, I cant really afford to be splurging £100+ on a bag. When I saw this in H&M I ummed & arrred over whether or not to get it...and sadly left without it! I saw a very similar bag a few days later in was only £9..but looked a bit too cheap! So I weighed up the pros and cons..and just decided to get the H&M version. £19.99 is a bit pricey for such a small bag, but its very cute & the fact that its gold means it'll go with anything! I'd definitely rather spend 20 quid on a look-alike..leaving more pennies for other things..and you know me.....theres always other things!! Im love-love-loving it! Perfect for work & play :) Also available in brown, black, patent black, dalmation & illuminous pink!
What do you think? Are you more into designer or dupe?

Bambi xx

Saturday, 15 September 2012

Week In Photos #11

Ombre Leopard Nails, Road Tripppp, ToyStory Sky <3
Jamie Made Me BBQ Kebabs, Finally Got Febreeze Car (yay), TK Maxx Bargain.
Bubbies 3rd Birthday, My Jalepeno Plant, Micky-wave Popcorns Mmmmm.
 Ive been pretty busy this week actually but I'm sooo super bored right now, with no plans for this weekend..depression sets in! I went to Thorpe park on Monday, but didnt take my phone or camera..for obvious reasons - rollercoasters & water rides! Went in and did the next Vid for Mizz on Thursday which went really well! I start my new job there next week! Excitingggg! My dog turned 3 bless her , she loved her new toys hahaha! But sadly shortly after that pic was taken the pig lost an ear. My Jalapenos are growing wooooo! Theres one medium one and 2 little tiny ones, Im tryna blast them with sunlight before it all dissappears..its actually exciting to have home grown chillis hahaha! something new to me for 2012 :)  Oh and also...TK Maxx..OPI , Essie, W7, Nails Inc & Models Own!! Check it out, you can find some absolute gems! I paid £7.99 for this box of 3 Models Own Nail Polishes - Peach Sherbert, Hot Pink & Thunder & Lightening! I'll post about them next week if anyone wants, as you cant tell how yummyyyy the colours are from that pic!?!?
Have a lovely jubbly weekend :)
Bambi xx

Friday, 14 September 2012


Tortoise Print Jeans by J.W. Anderson for Topshop
Mini Mart Camera by J.W. Anderson for Topshop
Varsity Jacket by J.W. Anderson for Topshop
Zebra Notebook by J.W. Anderson for Topshop
Anchor Badge by J.W. Anderson for Topshop
The J.W.Anderson for Topshop range just dropped today, So here are a few of my favourite pieces from the collection!! The collection is a mixture of fun & fierce! To be Honest my favourite surprise was the stationary...because I'm a bit of stationary-hoe!! I absolutely loveeee the Zebra notebook, soo sooo cute! There are also pencils, pens and colouring pencils in the collection too!! How cool? Clothing wise my favourite-favourite piece is the the burgundy varsity jacket pictured above, just because... its gorgeous & its burgundy :)  Sooo anyway enough from me, go check Topshop for yourselvesss!
What are your favourite pieces from the J.W. Anderson collection?
Bambi xx

Thursday, 13 September 2012

Mirrorball of dreams.

 Pink Blush // Hot Stuff// Dancing Queen

The first polish is ModelsOwn Pink Blush,From the standard ModelsOwn collection!! Gorgeous Barbie pink! I got this because, basically in my life there can never be toooo many pink nail polishes! And this is beautiful. Enough said.
You all know how much I love ModelsOwn & I waited eagerly for the 10th September to arrive so I could order from the mirrorball collection after seeing photos on the ModelsOwn Facebook page, They only took 3 Days to arrive..A lovely surprise on a Thursday morning! Needless to say I quickly removed all existing nail polish, ready to try them out. Firstly I just want to say; packaging alone of the Mirrorball collection is beautiful enough to make you want to buy it! And the product itself is amazing too! I bought the two colours which appealed to me most, but I'm thinking I might need to get my mittens on the rest of the collection!  I used Pink blush for the base coat and Hot stuff for the top coat! I love the way it looks, it reminds me of those little indian jewellery boxes! Excuse the picture of my nails..and note that the photograph really doesnt do justice to how nice these polishes are!! 


Bambi xx

Wednesday, 12 September 2012

Uh Oh...She did it again!!

 Miss Sporty Nail Polish - 2 for £2.99 Superdrug
Neon Yellow Statement Necklace - £3.00 Primark
Hot Pink Shirt/Cape - £12.00 Primark
Eagle Chain Necklace - £14.00 Topshop
Firstly Miss sporty nail polishes, they dont have I cant help you with that haha! But they're gorgeous colours and the quality is good for the price! The Primark necklace that everyone has already talked! I didnt get it at the time it came out but seeing it in the sale for £3? I thought why not, its a nice bright statement necklace to go over a black shirt or sweater...Love it! Ok this shirt,.,was a pain in the A to photograph. Its basically an oversized cape with a shirt front..It looks like poo on the hanger, but I think it looks lovely on..So I'll do an outfit post when I can because I absolutely love it, The colour is soooo yummy and the buttons are really cute, it comes with the ribbon tie, which is its a very versatile piece..I never really buy clothes from primark but for £12 how can you say no?
Lastly, How amazing is this necklace? I'd seen it in my local Topshop a few times and picked it up and tried it on and fell in love with it, but Im a bit against Topshop prices for jewellery! I was away for the weekend and when I walked into my bedroom last night when I got in, sitting on my coffee table wrapped up in pink tissue paper, was this baby! My amazing mumma bought it for me while I was away as a goodluck present for starting my new job! I squeeled like a little pig, very loudly and about 100 times hahaha! God Love my mum <3    Happy Wednesday beautifuls :)


Bambi xx

Monday, 10 September 2012

September Be Mine?

Topshop Stud camoflauge jumper// ASOS Triple spike bracelet// Riverisland High-waisted Velvet trousers// Ciate Caviar // Topshop Dale low chelsea wellies.
Here is my wishlist for September :) Only a couple of bits, I usually end up gettin a few things from my wanted list, so I'm hopeful! I think the biggest want would have to be the jumper, soooo cute! but I keep buying jumpers and its not even that cold yet, so I'm waiting for the cold weather to hit, that way its justified? Well in my mind it is anyway! The Riverisland velvet trousers are soooo nice, high waisted skinny fit...LOVELY!! Although again, weather is not suited to velvet at the moment, but as soon as it know whats gunna happen :) I love the wellies, but I dont think theyre very practical haha, seeing as the elastic is right the way down - so no puddle jumping in these babies, but they're very pretty! The spike I need anymore jewellery, but I like it!! And lastly Ciate Caviar, sooo pretty, but oh sooooo expensive, I'm thinking a bit of DIY might in order to get a similar effect at a fraction of the price. Anywhooo Happy Monday peoples. Up early and out early!! Love love loveeee!!
Bambi xx

Sunday, 9 September 2012

Week in photos #10

Naughty Bubbie, Home made cherry pie, Costa time with baby sister Beckie <3
Company mag lovin, Primark bits & bobs, Meeeeee.
Chocolates from my proud nan aww, Cute notebook for my new jobbie, My nephew Spiderman.
Ok regular readers , you know its been a crazy week for me! Still totally in a daze but more, more, more than happy! Thankyou all so much for your love and support about my good news, very much appreciated <3 Not many pics for you this week as I've been a bit busy sowwieee! This is Lucas 'Spider man'..but he also does an uncanny Usain Bolt pose hahahaha :) He just started school Thursday bless him & we chilled out together Friday afternoon!! Oh and that primark necklace was £2 gunna look sooo nice with black sheer shirt! Altogether a pretty good for me eeeeeeeek :) Enjoy whats left of your weekends :)
Bambi xx

Friday, 7 September 2012

Fridays face & Giveaway winner!!

Hola! Can you believe its Friday again? Im still buzzin from my good news hehehe :) Hope you've all had a good week!This post is just to announce my giveaway winner really, so here goes!!
The winner is,,,
Hannah from Dimples Diaries
Well done sweetness, I will be in contact via email very soon :)


Thursday, 6 September 2012

Congratulations to me.

So I'm wearing a dress, which is very unusual for me but yess it does happen! The dress is from ASOS, last year or the year before maybe?? Tights from primark & the boots are Office Night hawks aka the loves of my life!! I dont look very nice in the above photo, but I've showed you anyway!Today is a super happy day in my life!! This morning Mizz got in contact with me, As you may know I went there for work experience a few weeks ago and ended up doing a nail art tutorial for their youtube channel! Well today they have offered me a job to come back and be a paid fashion and beauty obviously the answer is yes! Im sooooo unbelievably happy right now, I never ever in a million yeatrs thought this would happen. I feel soooo lucky right now! Thankyou to everyone who follows my blog, Make sure if you havent already - to enter my giveaway which closes tonight!!


Bambi xx

Wednesday, 5 September 2012

Wednesdays Top 5;

 Sooo Its Wednesdays top 5 #5, the final edition! My top 5 pink nail polishes!! Im just gunna give you the list as I was going to swatch but really didnt have time to do it! Sowwieee!! So from left to right; Topshop - Daydream, Models Own - Bubblegum, Models Own - Soda Pop Pink, Models Own - Sophies Pink & Models Own - Pastel Pink.
 Trust me when I say this; all of these pinks are beautiful! Notice 4 or the 5 are Models Own..which are my absolutely favourite brand of nail polish!! Models own are currently looking to get 100,000 likes on their Facebook Page by the 30th September, if they reach 100,000 everyone who has liked the page will get 50% at Meaning nail polishes for £2.50 each? ....So need I say more? Do us all a favour and like the page if you havent already!!!


GIVEAWAY!! Ends Midnight Tomorrow!!

Bambi xx

Monday, 3 September 2012

I dont always do neutral.

Hola, Happy Monday - If thats possible. Just a quick post to show you that I'm not always boring as far as lipstick is concerned haha! The colour I'm wearing is 'MAC Red' ...By MAC must know by now that when it comes to lipstick I only deal with MAC.  To be honest I find it really hard to wear red lipstick, plus getting it off is an absolutely nightmare!! I dont know if it really suits me, but it matched my shirt so I thought why not!! Thankyou for following and commenting!

GIVEAWAY!! Last few days!!

Bambi xx

Sunday, 2 September 2012

Week in photos #9

My Bubbie, Made rainbow cake with Beckie, £2.50 Topshop cross, Popcorn yummy.
Ombre nails, Sleek goodies, Dicked about in my polka dots, Kylie Minogue tribute.
Brighton Pier, The pier again, Biggg ferris wheel, Ferrix wheel by the pier.
Hola, had a busy but ok week :) Baked a rainbow marble cake with my little sis on Tuesday, turned out soooo cool!! Went down to Brighton last night with my boy as you can see from the last 5 pics, Just to have a little walk around, was sooo busy as gay pride was on I think? Its so amazing down there at night, loved it. Just been relaxing today, didnt get in till late. Hope you're enjoying your weekends! Please check out Ebay, more Topshop bits available and nails nails nails!! If you're following my blog you have until midnight Thursday to enter my giveaway - so dont forget :)


GIVEAWAY!! Last few days!!

Bambi xx