Wednesday, 31 October 2012

Black Listed.

Leather Look Skirt NewLook £19.99 // Pyramid Cuff Juicy Couture £100 // Big Gem Sweat Topshop £38 // Platform Wedge Boots H&M £29.99 // Spike Leather Collar Topshop £18.50 // Cross Stud Laptop Bag Topshop £22.
Happy Halloween everyone. I thought I'd put together my all black wishlist for the occasion! I Love black at this time of year. Gets me in the mood for party season and looks gorgeous when teamed with jewels, Black doesnt have to be gothic, but even if it is I love it. The skirt above I have actually ordered (uh oh) and everything else I would love too, so they'll be on my christmas list. The Cross stud bag is actually a laptop case...but I would not waste that baby on a laptop that never leaves the house! Do you have anything similar on your wishlist? Tonight I'm gunna watch Hocus Pocus like the good old days!Tomorrow its November already! Eeeeek , thats something to scream about. Im actually gunna start my christmas shopping tomorrow night after work! Wish me Luck! Hope you have a good Halloween, even though I know most people have already celebrated!!!
Bambi xx

Monday, 29 October 2012

Express Hydration. Literally.

          Nivea Daily Essentials Express Hydration Primer
I came across this product while I was at work,It had been sent in by Nivea. I had a look at it and thought it looked good. So I made a note and bought it a few days later. The one in the office was the dry to combination skin one. I decided to get the normal to combination , as sometimes my skin can get a little oily and I dont really suffer from dry skin on my face. Express Hydration Primer is an intense moisturiser and a primer. Its not like any other standard primer I've ever tried. Its very light and makes your skin feel super soft. So if you want to try this, dont expect it to be anything like primers from Benefit, Mac, L'oreal etc. To be honest im not really into reviewing things, but I really like this product. It makes your skin sooo soft and is definitely brightening, skin feels smoother and softer for hours after application. And when worn under make up, it definitely looks fresher and lasts longer. I'd definitely recommend this to you guys. I picked this up in Superdrug for £3.99. Alsoooo maybe you can help me out now? Ive been looking everywhere for a good make up fixing mist to try? Any suggestions?
 Bambi xx

Saturday, 27 October 2012

Week in Photos #17

Too Much Wine With My Bestie, The Morning After, Love Heart In My Latte.
My Drama Queen, Models Own Northern Lights, New Mac Lippy - Frou.
Poorly Girl Loves Panda Pillow :) , Sketti Oooops, My Sexy Pumpkin.
Hola, So you probably know I've been poorly since Tuesday this week booo hooo. DAMN YOU FLU!!  I'm still feeling yucky but the antibiotics are helping a little. Nothing planned this weekend unlike last in which I drank a little bit too much :( Naughty me, Just gunna chill out, mend and watch Hocus Pocus and Xfactor!! Although to be honest I do wish I had a fancy dress party to go to :( This week I have been loving my Models Own Northern Lights nail polish, if you don't have it, get it!! Mumma brought me a pumpkin to do...How cuteeee!?!? I love it, I could carve pumpkins all day!! What is everyone getting up to for Halloween weekend??  Oh Oh and dont forget that the clocks go back tonight!! Woooo, dark evenings I love it :)

Bambi xx

Thursday, 25 October 2012

Halloween Monster Nails.

This is what I used, just to show you..But you can use which ever colours you like!!
 1. Apply your chosen base colour and let it dry.
2. Apply a very fine glitter nail polish to give it a mysterious vibe.
3. With your nail art pen, draw on a monster shape, this could be anything.
 4. Add the googlie eyes to the damp polish, or use the nail art pens to draw the eyes.
5. Draw a mouth shape with the black nail art pen.
6. Add teeth to your monsters mouth. Let dry & apply a topcoat.
As people are celebrating halloween this weekend mostly, I thought I'd make a funky tutorial for you all! Its quick, easy and super cool monster nails. great for halloween or whenever. Obviously you can use which ever colours you like, go mental! You cant really go wrong with this , if they look ugly...thats even better hahaha! Let me know if you try it out :) and show me photos - I would loveeee to see them! You can email me them. Have a good halloween weekend!!
Bambi xx

Wednesday, 24 October 2012

Nordic Poetry

  Vintage Oversized Cardigan - C/O Nordic Poetry
Black Top Unseen - H&M
Black Ribbed Riding Pants - RiverIsland
Tapestry Wedges - Asos
Triple Chain Necklace - Topshop

Last week I was contacted by the lovely people at Nordicpoetry. Nordic Poetry specialise in vintage clothing and they kindly sent me this beautiful oversized cardigan, which omg - is soooo snuggly, I feel like I need to go on a skiing holiday and wear it :) Ok so its absolutely huge, but I love it! I teamed it with all black and my ASOS Ablaze tapestrys for a slight clashing vibe!! The cardigan its self is amazing quality and condition, its lined aswell so its extra warm! You know how much I love my jumpers and snuggly sweats so this is great for me, to throw on over a plain outfit. I know alotttt of my followers would adore alot of the clothing on the Nordic Poetry website , so make sure you go and have a look there.( ) Also follow their twitter for updates @NordicPoetry :)

Bambi xx

Monday, 22 October 2012

Hauling Again.

  Spike Bangle - Topshop £1.50
Gold Ear Cuffs - Topshop £4.00
Spiked Biker Boots - New Look £29.99
ModelsOwn Box Set - TkMaxx £6
ModelsOwn 3for2 - Boots £10
Benefit BadGal - Free

I've done again. I know Im awful! But these things were all bargains! So.. cant complain!! By now you know I'm a massive fan of Topshop jewellery! I found this bangle in my local Toppy last week, and for the very very small fortune of £1.50, it was mine :) Love it, its very dangly and jangly though..haha!! I also got the ear cuffs the same day, I love ear cuffs when I'm wearing my hair in a top knot, or any updo's really! I just love the way they look :) The boots, (as if I needed another pair)are sooooo nice and they were a steal! so I couldnt not have them! And comfy isnt even the wordddd!! Perfect for teaming with chunky sockies too :) The first pic of 3 Models Own nail polishes are from L-R Magenta Pearl, Pray & Copper Pot. I picked these up when I popped into TK Maxx, reduced to £6!! Steal!! The 2nd pic from L-R are; Northern Lights, Jack Frost & Utopia. Nothern Lights & Jack Frost are both from the new Wonderland collection which I cannot waittttt to use, and Utopia is jus a great colour that Ive bought a couple of times now! £10 for the 3 in boots 3for2 offer. Oh and lastly I got this benefit mascara for free by taking the relevent page from this months InStyle magazine to my nearest benefit counter!! So if you havent done it, do! Happy Monday Lovelies, Hope you enjoy this haul post!

Bambi xx 

Saturday, 20 October 2012

Week in Photos #16

Clouds & Hearts Nails, Pink Mushrooms :), Cute Squirell Xmas Decoration (I Need it)
Mumma & Shyah, Leek & Potato Soup Time, Dog Hat & Scarf Hahahaha.
Polka Dotting, Fruit Cake Mmm, CHRISTMAS COUNTDOWN!!
I dont really have much to report this week! Ive been miserable as sin, not much change from normal hahaha. Work was cool, looking forward to the beauty shoot next week, woooo hooo! Again I have no plans for this weekend but Im determined to do something fun, might go and see Paranormal Activity 4! What are you all up to this weekend? Any Ideas for me??
The winner of the La Moda Bag giveaway is;

Heidi Thomas
Congrats, I'll be emailing you soon!!!

Bambi xx

Thursday, 18 October 2012

Want Brows Like Mine?

Sleek Brow Kit - Extra Dark

I get alot of compliments on my eye brows, god knows why because I'd rather have different ones hahaha!! And as I just repurchased this Sleek Browkit for the 4th or 5th time, I thought I'd show you my daily essential to get my brows looking acceptable. Alot of people rave about Benefit Browzings..But at the silllyyyyy price of £22.50 I think its a little toooo expensive. Sleek MakeUP Browkit is 100% the perfect dupe! It comes in four different colour choices, being: Medium, Dark, Extra Dark & Black. I use the Extra Dark. It costs £8.50 and lasts me for probably 6+ Months!! The kit contains wax, setting powder, 2 brushes and a mini pair of tweezers. Basically you use the tweezers when you need to , to get rid of any stray hairs. Using the slanted angle brush you apply the wax to your brows to create the desired shape, then you dab the powder carefully over your brows to set them. And there you go! I always shape my brows by hand but I know there are paper cut outs that some people use? Which you could definitely use to assist you with this browkit. Have you tried Sleek MakeUp Browkit?
My giveaway ends tonight so pleaseee enter if you havent already! The winner will be drawn and posted over the weekend!!



Bambi xx

Tuesday, 16 October 2012

Triple step, Triple drips.

Use 3 colours of your choice. A black nail art pen & a clear topcoat.
1. Apply your 3 colours, its squiggly layers to your nails. Let Dry.
2. Using your black nail pen, outline each layer.
3. Use the nail pen to create exlamation mark type lines on the peaks of the squiggles. Let dry, then apply your top coat.
If you've been following my blog for a while you might remember my triple drip nails. I thought  I'd show you how to recreate the look. Its super easy but looks cuteee. I love my nail art, especially fun and eye catching designs, and this is just that!! Three steps, that look like it took alot more effort. If you do try this out please let me know, I'd love to see!! I havent done a nail art tutorial for you guys yet, so I thought it was about time!! Let me know what you think. If you're following my blog and you havent yet entered the giveaway do it now as it closes Thursday just after midnight!!

 Bambi xx

Monday, 15 October 2012

Dalston Studios.

Sorry for the picture heavy post (Not Sorry)

Friday I assisted my first shoot with Mizz. It was a longggg day, I left my house at 7:20am and didnt get home until 7:30pm. But boyyyy was it worth it. We got to the studio in Hackney around 9am, I was amazedddd, it wasnt what I anticipated at all! We walked in through the door up 4 flights of stairs and at the top a hugeeeeee warehouse type area full of Sofas, chairs, toys, beds, everything! I'd definitely live somewhere like that if I could! Would be so fun! It reminded me of something out of Skins. We shot three stories each consisting of 4 outfits. I havent pictured all of them, just a few of my favourites! I took around 130 photos, so these are just a few to give you a little insight to my day! I absolutely loved it! Everyone was soo nice there were 7 of us there all girls, So it was quite a relaxed atmosphere and very fun! How gorgeous is Model Grace? She was so sweet too.The Carousel horse was one of my favourite items in the studio so I was happy we got to use it in the party outfit photos :) I'm sooo glad I went , it was one of the best days ever! I cant wait to go on the next one which is in a few weeks time, but is a beauty will be a difference experience altogether! Hope you like the photos :)



Saturday, 13 October 2012

Week in Photos #15

New Shoes Love, InStyle Mag, Pink Eggs  My New Cup Hahaha.
Crazy Bubbie, Handbag Essentials, Skips From A Tub, Dalston Studios.
Cool Door In The Studio, Naked Nuts (haha), Moped In Studio, Gorgeous Model Grace.
Hola! This weeks been pretty cool, very exciting at times. By the way if you're after InStyle magazine with free benefit products, go to Tesco, as InStyle is £2.50 exclusively to Tesco (instead of the normal £3.80). I went back to work this week. Im not fully recovered from my op but was way tooo bored and restless to stay home any longer. Friday I went to my first shoot (amazingggg), which I will be posting about with LOADSSSS of photos! So dont worry you'll get to hear all about that very soon! Just having a chilled out boring weekend in, but after going back to work im pretty tired anyway! Hope you have a good weekend people, got a few things available on my ebay right now so check that out. and these are the last few days to enter my giveaway. Thankyou to all new followers :)

 Bambi xx

Wednesday, 10 October 2012

Eccentric Creeping.

Office Eccentric Creepers In Leopard - £20
Last week I was feeling pretty sorry for myself! In pain and utterly bored, missing work etc etc! My mum took pity on my sad face and bought me a little treat to cheer me up! It did help bless her hehe! I absolutely love these I have worn them a few times already and theyre very comfy! I think these also come in plain black and in navy blue! Theyre not so much a creeper but a thick sole! Which I like, I have the Underground Creepers in plain black and they're a great staple in my wardrobe! These are perfect for the change of season and theyre a bit different which is nice :) My mum knows exactly what I like & these were the nicest treat everrrrr!!! Im a lucky little git hahaha!! I really love the shoes in Office but I'm sometimes a bit put off by their return policy...being that you can only get a credit note and not a cash refund! Have you been buying anything from Office lately?

Bambi xx

Monday, 8 October 2012

October Be Mine?

RiverIsland Tube Pants £30 //  Office NightHawks Leopard £85//ASOS Link Detail Belt £18
All Knitwear Stripe Bobble Hat £45// Topshop Victorian Collar Necklace £18.50
I recently got the Riverisland Rib Pants (Riding Pants Dupes), which are cut in the same way as these babies! And seeing as my Ribbys fit like a dream, I think it would be insane not to invest in something similar in this beautiful blood red tone!Definitely gunna be mine! I have the black Office NightHawks as you probably know, and I'll maintain that getting them was one of the best decisions I've ever made! So If I happen to win the lottery sometime soon, the pony leopard version will definitely be on my list of things to grab, I saw them in store the other day aswell and they are just tooo beautiful!! The Belt..I love, but I dont find I wear belts to be on show very often but it is veryyyy nice!! Now this beenie bobble hat is soooo effing cool and I'd definitely wear it..but this defines why posts like this are a wish £45 I definitely wont be buying it...I dont care who you are - spending £45 on a bit of wool is just silly!!! Lastlyyyyy , I dont know why Topshop keep making such beautiful jewellery , its like they want to torture my life!...I'd happily buy most of the Freedom Range but this is particularly beautiful!! What do you think? Anything similar on your wish list?


Bambi xx

Saturday, 6 October 2012

Week In Photos #14

ModelsOwn Treats From Jamie, GetWellSoon Card From Michelle, Look &More Timeee.
Lipton Peach IceTea, New Topshop TRENDS, Walkies With Bubbiee.
Boots Xmas Book(Starting Early), Racoon From Beckiee Haha, Treat From Mumma.

Ive had a bit of a boring and depressing week, Being told to rest constantly is doing my head in! Hoping i'll be well enough to go back to workie next week! Cant waittttt. Got a few treats to cheer me up and everyones been looking after me and sending me lots of love, which is lovely! But I'm just sooo bored! Once again how gorgeously cute is my doggy!? Whats in the office bag is a surprise...a super lovely surprise from my mumma, which I'll be showing you next week! Im hoping to chill out with some laaaavly people this weekend and relax...but socialise and be entertained haha! Thankyou soo much for all the love you've been sending me over the past week! Appreciated endlessly <3 Enjoy your weekend everyone!! x


Wednesday, 3 October 2012

MORE Models Own..

 3-in-1 TopCoat, Naked Shimmer, Feeling Blue, Snow White, Buff Pink.
I know my ModelsOwn collection is already way out of control, but when the 50% sale is on, what can you do? I was in hospital when the sale dropped but luckily I saw it, so ordered from my phone!! Yay for technology!  I ordered pretty pale colours, which is unlike me really! But they're very wintery which I love! Feeling Blue & Naked Shimmer are the only two I havent tried..seeing as I am pretty much an addict! Cant wait to wear Feeling Blue, I love a bit of blue nail polish but getting the right tone is sometimes a bit tricky! Im hoping this will  be the one!! Naked Shimmer is a beigey tone with gold running through it, I'm not sure how apparent that is in the photo. Ive got really into beige toned nail polish so when I saw this with the gold in it too... I knew it would be special!! The Models Own sale is now over...sooo booo you if you missed it!! I'll swatch any of these if you want me to, and I've got a few designs in mind so I'll show you those too :)

Bambi xx