Monday, 23 December 2013

Merry GingerBread House-Mas

 I got the gingerbread house kit from IKEA, Its not really a kit per-say but it has the I guess the tricky bit is done for you. The icing is Royal icing which is made from egg whites, icing sugar and lemon juice. You simply assemble your house and decorate as you wish. Since I can remember Ive always wanted to  make my own gingerbread house but I was too young and then with work and other commitments finding the time to make one so close to christmas was never do-able. So..when I saw this kit in IKEA I grabbed one...and finally a dream is made reality haha. Im pretty proud of it and for a first attempt I think it turned out really well!! I think a new tradition has been established.. and it was sooo fun to do!! What do you think? Did you make a gingerbread house or do any other festive baking?
The big day is only hours away now so I hope all of my readers and followers have a Merry Christmas :)
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Thursday, 19 December 2013

Cat Claws

NPW Cat Crazy Nail Stickers - £3
How effing cute are these nail stickers? NPW are a great brand and their nail art products are amazing value for money!! When I saw these in my local Topshop I loved them, and I'm not even really a big fan of cats haha!! These stickers can be applied onto bare nails or over nail polish, there are a few different designs in the pack - you simply peel, stick & top coat!  I used mine over Barry M Lychee the first time I tried them. My only gripe with these would be that because they're stickers not water decals they're a bit thicker which means getting them to lie completely flat to the nail can be a bit troublesome. I know there are alot of cat lovers out there who would go crazy for these! Overall I really like these nail stickers, as you know I love nail art - but sometimes if I've got a busy week at work I dont get the time or energy to do too much to my nails so these are an easy quick fix!!  I know theres only 5 days to go , but these would be a perfect stocking filler or Secret Santa gift! What do you think? Will you be trying out NPW nail stickers?

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Sunday, 15 December 2013

The Yule Monty

  Soap & Glory 'The Yule Monty' -  £27 Boots**
Set Contains;
Scrub Of Your Life £7
Hand Food £5
Sugar Crush £6.50
Butter Yourself £10
Heel Genius £5.50
Peaches & Clean £8
The Righteous Butter £10.50
Thick & Fast £10
Sexy Mother Pucker XL £10
= £72.50
Its that time of year again!! Boots Star Gifts, giving us major savings! As a massiveee fan of Soap & Glory I always now eagerly await the week in December where I can snap up an amazing deal. I always save my Boots advantage card points throughout the year so I never even have to pay for it out of my own pennies! Perfect.  This set is originally priced at £60, which is still a good deal considering 4 of the products are priced at £10 and just over! The set contains 9 full sized Soap & Glory products and this year also contains 3x1ml of 'Make Yourself Youthful' super serum. The only product from this set that I don't think I have tried previously is 'Scrub of your life' although I might be wrong & I'm assuming it will be similar to their other exfoliating products! The Righteous Butter is my favourite ever moisturiser its sooo good! Theres no need to really harp on about how good all of there products are because I'm sure most of you already know & I'm sure you've seen  my previous posts showing love for their products!! You should definitely head to your local Boots as soon as possible and don't miss out on this deal! Have you been and picked up your Yule Monty? Is this on your Christmas list?
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Monday, 9 December 2013

December Be Mine..?

Rihanna Lion Necklace - £50 Riverisland
Sleek Blush in 'Lifes a Peach' - £4.49
MAC Japanese Maple - £15
WEREWOLF Mega Wedges - £75 Topshop
Cream Cupid T-Shirt -  £22 Riverisland
Black Patent Drake Shoes - £65 Office
Canon EF 75-300 mm Lens - £249.99 PC World
Black Studded Shoulder Strap Backpack - £80 Riverisland
Dear Santa...haha!! Here is my December Wishlist aka Christmas wishlist! 2 weeks to go....Eeeeek!! There isn't really anything I specifically need this year, but then Christmas isn't really supposed to based on things you need is it!? Soo here are a few things Id probably quite like! I'm getting super excited for Christmas, although not all my shopping is done and I don't get paid until Christmas Eve..which I'm actually working as well so...awkwarddd!! I am however planning on baking some sweet treats for a few family members AND I'm making my own gingerbread house...UH OH!! That's gunna be a dream fulfilled & i'll definitely show you all pics! Do you have anything similar on your Christmas Wishlist?
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