Monday, 31 December 2012

SALE to Topshop

 Galaxy Print Nightie - £12
Harriet Stud Shoes - £15
Skull Candles - £3 Each
Black Cross Earrings - £2
Chunky Chain Necklace £6.25
Gold Spike Collar Tips - £5
Knickers - £2 Each

Love Love loving the Topshop sales right now. I think its a case of looking online and in store if there was anything you were after! Alot of this stuff I had wanted since just before Christmas so picking them up in the sale is even better. How freakin cool are my skull candles? They started off at £7 each..which I wouldn't pay , But £6 for two is gooood! Plus I don't think I'm going to burn them, just use them for ornamental purposes haha :) Im actually going to try very hard to not buy anything from now on as its my birthday at the end of January , so my mum usually get me some amazing bits from Topshop sale as you know I more than love their jewellery!! Have you been buying anything similar in the Topshop sales? 

P.s Hope you all have an amazing NYE!!!!!!

Bambi xx

Friday, 28 December 2012

Best of beauty 2012

 Mac Mineralize Skinfinish // Carmex // Sleek MakeUP Contour Kit // Primark Sultry Lashes // Models Own - Northern Lights & Models Own - Thunder and Lightening // Rimmel Scandaleyes // Nail Art Stud Wheel.
2012 is nearly over, so I thought I'd share with you my favourite & most used products from this year. I've mentioned most of these products throughout my previous posts, as they really are favourites of mine. Top of the list has to be MAC MSF, its my absolute cant-live-without product. I use it daily and take it everywhere with me. Carmex is also something I have a meltdown over if I don't have it with me at all times. Sleek MakeUP contour kit was released this year & from the day I got it, I've used it religeously!! Primark lashes I've been using for maybe 2/3 years now, and my love for them has still not been lost. They're great, the glues poo but who cares, I use Eyelure glue with them! Models Own, amazing quality and great price, Northern Lights from the Wonderland collection is an absolute fave, I'd definitely reccomend this if you havent got it already!! Thunder & Lightening I picked up in a set from TKMaxx and loved it from the start, looks great over black or burgundy nail polish. Rimmel Scandaleyes mascara I adore, because it actually does what it claims to do!! The Nail Art stud wheel I got back in October but never posted about it, its only £3.50  and is available from Riverisland & Topshop - a good selection of square studs,circle studs, Diamantes and Caviar beads. The thing I love about all of these products is the fact they're amazing quality and affordably priced.Which are the 2 things I want most from beauty products I use. Do you have anything similar in your favourite beauty products of 2012?
Bambi xx

Wednesday, 26 December 2012

A bit of my Christmas

Heyyy!! Hope you all had a good Christmas!! I really did even though I've been feeling a bit poorly!! My mum got me a Canon 1100D EEEEEKKKKK!! I'd wanted one for sooo long so nearly died when I opened it, especially as she got me a tripod, an extra flash attachment and a mini photo studio for it too! Perfect presents and I had no idea what she had got me :) I feel super spoilt and when I woke up this morning I sort of felt like...Do I really actually have one ?!? hehe. So Christmas day I was up super early and opening presents with mumma and shyah, then we went to my nans for the day. It was quite a quiet Christmas day at my nans in comparison to previous years, but it was lovely!! I'm just dosing up on vitamin C and paracetamol today, trying to ward of whatever this is making me feel rough! Need to be better for NYE for some cocktails and fun :) How cute does my bubbie look at the end of the day? She was tired right out hehe <3 So yes I got lots of lovely presents - I've just snapped a few of my favourite bits. Oh and obviously as its the Christmas salessss, Ive taken advantage of the Topshop sale...which actually started before christmas which is weird haha..hoping my package will arrive tomorrow.. I'll probably post about that haul later on in the week. What did you all get up to for Christmas and did you get what you wanted?

 Bambi xx

Sunday, 23 December 2012

Christmas Penguins

 1. Set up the nail polish and pens you will be using.
2. Apply your chosen base colour, let dry.
3. Draw on your penguin silhouette, this can be round or oval with wings.
4. Apply your white belly to the penguin & leave to dry.
4. Add eyes, a beak and feet to your penguin (:
5. (Optional) Add a cute Santa hat, let dry & apply top coat.
Here is one last Christmassy nail art tutorial for you! As Christmas eve is a chilled out day for a lot of people, why not give this a go? I used Models Own Sterling Silver, Models Own nail art pens in black and yellow and nail art pens in white and red. My mum absolutely loves these and I'm gunna do these on her nails for Christmas day :) This is quite an easy one, follow the steps and the results should be good :) The Santa hats are optional, but I thought they were a nice touch! I hope you've all had a good weekend, and have an amazing Christmas!! Lots of loveeeeee. MERRY CHRISTMAS!!
Bambi xx

Saturday, 22 December 2012

Secret Santa

 New you Hand & Lip care set
Models Own - Beths Blue
Models Own - Show Stopper (Clothes Show Limited Edition)
Just a quick post to show you what I recieved from Secret Santa at work, we had up to the value of £10!! We all went out to a little restaurant place for lunch at work yesterday and swapped secret Santas there!! Could these presents be anymore perfect for me? Hand and lip care set, which is great as I love a bit of hand cream and lip balm. AND!!! I sooo badly wanted the Clothes Show Models Own nail polish, but didnt go to the clothes show so I had no way of getting it! So when I saw this in my secret santa gift I was over the moon! Beths Blue is the perfect accompanying colour! So I'll either wear Show Stopper alone or over Beths Blue! I Think I'm gunna paint my nails with these for Christmas day :) Im super lucky, best secret santa present ever, I absolutely love what I got! But I'm pretty sure everyone was happy with their gifts!! 3 days to goooooo!! I'm spending this weekend preparing my self for the festivities!! Are you as excited as me?
Bambi xx

Friday, 21 December 2012


 L-R; Models Own - Feeling Blue, Models Own - Dream Stream, Barry M - Navy, Cosmetic Sponge & Whitre Nail art Pen.
1. Apply Your Chosen Base Colour, Leave to dry.
2. Using your cosmetic sponge stipple on a gradient effect in your other chosen colours.
3. Using your white nail art pen, Carefully apply your snowflakes, Leave to dry then top coat with a clear or glitter nail polish.
This is another one of those nail art designs that is super easy when you know how, but looks super cool. I think the gradient ombre background adds something a bit more special to these nails. For the snowflakes I like to alternate crosses with dots in the spaces, and then large snowflakes. Yes they can be a bit tricky but dont rush and youll get the hang of it. Also I think they look a bit nicer if some of the snowflakes are coming off the nails, instead of just having them plonked uniformly on the nail. I just used the Models Own 3-in-1 topcoat on these, but I did debate using a thin glitter to add to them! Which is definitely something you could do!! Let me know how you get on with these, I'd love to see :) 4 days Til' Christmas people!!!!!!!!!!!! Eeeeeeeeeek! 
Bambi xx

Wednesday, 19 December 2012

Winter Wonderland

Last night my dreams finally came true :) I went to Winter Wonderland!! I dont have much to say apart from WOW!! I absolutely loved it. It gave me such a perfect christmas feeling!! It was soo busy there though!! Theres food stalls, christmas decoration stalls, fairground rides, ice skating, bars with live music!! Oh.. and I saw Jeff Brazier there with him & Jade Goodys Sons, sooo cute!! If you havent been, Id definitely recommend it! Hope you like the pics! Also time to reveal the winner of my Christmas giveaway;

Amanda Johansson from Amanda in Neverland
Bambi xx

Monday, 17 December 2012

OOTN - Christmas Party

Dress- Asos
Belt - Asos
Necklace - New Look
Shoe Boots - Primark (old)
This is what I wore to the Christmas party, It was a bit of a rush to get hime and get ready, so I didnt manage to get many pictures, But thought I'd show you what I wore anyway. A pretty simple outfit really, I also took my new horse clutch with me. The Party was soo sooo good!! So... on to more important things, its officially ONE WEEK TIL' CHRISTMAS!!! Eeeeek, still soo many preparations to make!! Are you all sorted yet? You only have until tomorrow to enter my giveaway if you havent done so yet! The winner will be posted on Wednesday and hopefully theyll have their parcel before christmas :)
Bambi xx

Saturday, 15 December 2012

Best Of All

Hand Food - RRP £5.00
Heel Genius - RRP £5.50
Clean On Me - RRP £5.50
Smoothie Star - RRP £10.00
Peaches & Clean - RRP £7.00
The Righteous Butter - RRP £10.50
Sugar Crush - RRP £8.00
Thick & Fast - RRP £10.00
Sexy Mother Pucker - RRP £9.00
 Separate Total = £70.50    -   Sold as a set = £60   -   Boots Star Gift Price = £27
I got it yay!! Last year I got the Soap and Glory Mega gift set for Christmas and ever since boxing day last Christmas I had been planning to get it again this year. Admittedly I do prefer last years set as It went down to £25 and I think if I remember correctly there were 3 or 4 more products included in the set than there is this year. BUT!! S&G Never ever disappoint me, and I adore all of their products, so with a massive saving of £33 (£43.50 if bought individually) I KNOW Im going to enjoy using every single product in this set. Also I bought it on my advantage card so it was actually free haha! The offer is only for one week at Boots and ends on Thursday so be quick if you want to get one.
Last few days to enter my giveaway!! ;
 Bambi xx

Friday, 14 December 2012

Stud Addict.

ASOS Stud Plate Belt - £6 Savvy Sunday
ASOS Horse Stud Clutch - £12 Savvy Sunday
Primark Black & Burgundy Studded Socks - £1.50 Each
MUA Brush Pen Concealers - £2 Each 
H&M Matte Top Coat - £2.99
Sleek Blush in 'Flamingo' - £4.49

Heres some of the bits I've bought recently, even though I should'nt as christmas is just around the corner. But I got the belt and the bag in the ASOS Savvy Sunday sale the other week and they were too good a bargain to resist. The Socks I just thought were laaavly and as I'm so addicted to studs they work perfectly with everything in my wardrobe!!  The MUA brush pen concealers were a bargain, I'd run out of my Lo'real Lumi Magique Highlighter and to be honest I'd sort of decided it was good...but still a little pricey - so when stumbling cross these for £2 each I grabbed a couple. I got Radiance and Light, 2 different shades as I hadent tried them before and wasnt sure on which colour, but they're both really really good!! Although I do prefer Radiance as its a little lighter, I picked up another one a few days later as I know its gunna become a favourite. The Matte Top coat I saw in H&M Lakeside the other day, I've been after a matte black nail polish for ages but they're quite hard to find and a bit expensive, so I thought if I get the Matte Top Coat I can now make my own :) Lastly but probably best, Ive found a new cheaper alternative to my fave MAC Dollymix (Which I effing love), Sleek Blushers have become a favourite of mine so when I saw This pink I had to get it, as it is soo similar to Dollymix but a quarter of the price!! Perfect. Have you been buying anything similar recently??
Last few days to enter my Christmas Giveaway!!!

Bambi xx