Sunday, 30 June 2013

Phuck Tie Die

 1. Apply your chose base coat, I used Models Own  Lemon Meringue
2. Sponge on patches of blue, pink and lilac nail polish for a tie dye effect. Let dry.
3. Using a black nail art pen draw on your chosen lettering. Let dry & topcoat.
Phuck nails, nice and summery and super easy , just tie die with a twist. You can write what ever you like over the top. I chose a mild swear haha. Something rebellious. Will you be trying this out? What words will you put over your tie dye?
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Wednesday, 26 June 2013

Stella Leather

 Stella Leather Shopper Nude With Neon - C/O Paul's Boutique
I was contacted last week by Lizzie at Paul's Boutique and she sent me this beautiful STELLA Shopper in Nude! It arrived while I was at work and so returning home to a huge Paul's Boutique box was a nice surprise! The unboxing was very exciting and I couldn't be more pleased with the bag! Its made from real leather but its still light and durable. The pink handles and anchor remind me of the neon pink Paul's Boutique bumbag which|I've had for years, if I was going on holiday I could definitely rock both at the same time!! This Stella Shopper is from the new range of designs which showcase a more mature side to Paul's Boutique but still with the playful elements which make Paul's Boutique stand out from other brands. Ive been using my new shopper this week and I've had lots of compliments on it. For me its perfect as the nude makes it versatile enough to wear with any outfit and the the neon pink gives it something extra bright and funky which is perfect for summer!! What do you think of my new Stella Shopper? What is your favourite bag from the PB range right now?
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Sunday, 23 June 2013

The Fresh Prints

 Outfit One:
Leopard Tube Midi - £22 Topshop
Cropped Boxy Black Tee - £10 Riverisland
Floral Garland - £10 ASOS
Eagle Necklace - £15 ASOS
White Converse Hi-Tops - £44.99 Office
Outfit Two:
Printed Floral Ankle Socks - £4 ASOS
Fluorescent Collar - £30 Topshop
Leather & Faux Pony Clutch £30 ASOS
Aubrey Open Side Chunky Boots - £75 Topshop
Black 3/4 Bodycon Midi Dress - £14.99 NewLook
Outfit Three:
Money Print Shirt - £40 Topshop
Cuffed Neon Beanie - £17 American Apparel
Barrell Bag With Quilting - £30 ASOS
Light Denim Tube Pants - £30 Riverisland
Scott Wilson For Aqua Logo Hoop Earrings - £85 ASOS
Black JUJU Jellies - £20 Office
I'm crazy about all the prints that are about at the moment so I've put together a few outfit ideas all I've which I would/do wear. Even if its just funky socks , I love it all! Have you been buying or wearing any statement prints this season?
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Tuesday, 18 June 2013

Daisy Daisy DIY

 Cropped Yellow Boyfriend Fit Tee - £3 Primark
Daisy Headbands 2pk - £1.50 Each Primark
If you didnt already love me I know you will now haha. I picked up this little cropped tee in Primark which I plan on wearing over a bodycon dress or skirt. I Love the colour but thought it needed something else. Daisies came to mind and I knew straight away what it was I wanted to do. If I had more time I would have got to a fabric shop/haberdasher and looked for some embroidered daisy ribbon there but the headbands were there and cheap so I decided not to break my back looking elsewhere. So I basically cut the embroidered daisy ribbon part of the headband away from the elasticated back part and stitched it onto the sleeves. A total spend of £ as chips!! Theres no skill required for this to be honest it was just an idea that I had and created so I thought I'd share it with you all. What do you think of this DIY? Will you be recreating it?
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Thursday, 13 June 2013

Not So Summery..

 Topshop Red Quilted BackPack - BNWT Ebay £6
Asos Curve Striped Heart Elbow Patch Sweater - £20
Black JuJu Jellies -  £20 (OooOh Weeeeee)
Airtex Miami Hockey Tee - £6 Primark Via Asos
Eagles Crop Tee - £5 Primark Via Asos
Office Ultimate White Leather - £90
Here are a few bits Ive been buying recently..and Ive just realised none of this is particularly summery.. but the weather isnt particularly summery either. O M G JuJu jellies, finally replaced my much loved broken jellies shoes RIP 1995 hahaha! I had all the Jellies back then, even the heeled ones which made me feel like the coolest creature alive. Absolutely loving these they look sooo cute on my feeties. Im loving my football/hockey/varsity tees at the moment and primark and topshop have some crackers. The Office Ultimates..well you can imagine how excited I was to be getting these...but I feel like I may be returning them! Firstly they come up pretty small..which is never great in a boot and secondly on the Office website the buckles look and say gold.. but when they arrived the buckles are silver and for me thats like saying you're taking me to DisneyLand but then rocking up at Butlins. Even though they are beautiful im a bit disappointed , So I kinda feel like should I just wait until I can get white ones with gold..because surely this must be a possibility? Have you been buying anything similar recently??
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Monday, 10 June 2013

June Be Mine..?

Office Ultimate White Cut-Outs £90 // Topshop Flower & Rhinestone Chain £16.50 // Topshop Daisy Tunic £22 // MAC Viva Glam Nicki 2 £14.00 // Casio A168WG-9BWEF £40 // The Ragged Priest Snapback - £35 // Riverisland Suspender Clips £10
Here is my June wishlist! Now...Much to my own disgust..I have already ordered the boots and am waiting for their delivery..Buyers remorse has already kicked in so lets hope they're effing amazing when they arrive!! I think all these bits would look cool as an outfit together as well! Absolutely love the Topshop necklace I've picked it up in Topshop everywhere I've been shopping recently and its sooo pretty! I just cant help but think it could be made at home using some imagination and a few packets of fimo? Maybe that's a little challenge I need to set myself! Im not sure I could carry off Violet lips but if you can , then Nicki 2 is definitely a shade you should try, I swatch it everytime I'm in MAC, its just sooo damn nice! Is there anything similar on your June wishlist? 
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Thursday, 6 June 2013

Happy 1st Birthday!!

 Today is Hola-Bambi's 1st Birthday!! WooHooo! When I started this blog I didnt really have any high hopes and not a clue how to use Blogger, Now 1 year on I'm so proud of what I've achieved through my blog and how its contributed to how I feel about my life too. I love all of my followers and the lovely people I've met through blogging and all your kind words and comments. Thankyou to all of you!! I had a special birthday giveaway in mind but I've been so busy I havent had time to organise it so look out for that!! Have a beautiful sunny Thursday and thankyou for following and appreciating Hola-Bambi !! Lots of Love xx
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Monday, 3 June 2013

Pastel Rainbow Diesel Spills

 1. Apply your chosen base colour.
2.Apply your colours in a wiggly shape stipe by stripe. Top Coat.
Models Own-Sterling SIlver, Barry M-Bright Pink, Nails inc-Youre a Peach, Models Own-Banana Split, Models Own-Jade Stone, Models Own-Beths Blue.
Super duper duper easy, this kind of reminds me of when you see diesel spilt on a petrol forecourt and how volcanos look when you see them in books! You could even do this with darker toned colours and it would look really cool. Will you be trying this out? Sowwee I havent been about much been sooo busy with working late and stuff but Im trying to get myself back into a good blogging routine :)  I just got one of the Barry M Confetti polishes and Models Own Splash polishes - which I'll be trying out this week, but I'm always on the look out for new nail treats!! Anything new you can reccomend for me? Happy Monday!! 
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