Friday, 29 March 2013

Cutesie Bunnies.

 I used; Models Own Strawberry Tart , Models Own Snow White, Models Own Pink Blush & Black and white nail pens.
1. Apply your chosen base colour and let dry.
2. Using white nail polish with not too much polish on the brush apply a bunny head shape to your nails.
3. Use a pink nail polish to add colour to the inside of the bunny ears and a cute bunny nose. Lastly draw on the eyes, leave to dry and then topcoat.
This is a super cute and easy nail art for Easter, or any time depending on how much you like bunnies. I like these, they're really cute but they're a little more girly and cutesy than I usually wear my nails so its strange for me. The base coat I used was the Models Own Strawberry Tart nail polish so as well as looking sweet, they smell sweet too.. To be honest I'm not completely sold on the smell-its very artificial,but then it would be would'nt it haha. You could use any base colour for this though, maybe something like Barry M Greenberry as its soo springy and fresh! Happy Good Friday, have a great Easter :) 

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Wednesday, 27 March 2013

Primark Got Me.

  Clear Lens Glasses - £1
Gold and Gunmetal Grey Necklace - £4
Rainbow Gem & Chain Necklace - £3
Grey Lace Trim Socks - £1.50
Pastel 5 Pack Of Socks - £2.00
Dusty Lilac Slouchy Socks - £1.50
All Hair Bits - £1 Each
Oversized Michigan Varsity Tee - £6
I know its another haul post so soon but this one is dedicated to Primark. I hadn't been to Primark since just after Christmas so there were a few things I needed to pick up. This isnt even everything I got but the other stuff is just beauty bits and a pink ditsy floral duvet set. I really like these two necklaces I picked up, I know its disgusting how many necklaces I own but jewellery is my thing so I cant help it - and the glasses I got because I like geeky frames and I tried them on and they look pretty cuteee! Socks... Ive got a thing for the wearing of brand new these are pretty pastels for spring and who doesnt love a bit of frill on their socks? I think Primark is amazing for little hair bits, I always buy elastics and brushes etc from there and I was desperately in need of new bobby pins and hair grips as they seem to fall into the abyss in my house. The oversized Michigan tee is sooo nice, I'm not sure yet whether I'll just use it for indoors.. or actually dress it up and wear it out, but for £6 it was a total bargain and unlike alot of primark tees the material is actually really thick and good quality - as soon as I saw it I knew I was gettin it!! I'm sooo impressed with Primark this season! Have you bought anything similar in primark recently? Happy Thursday - Get ready for the 4 day weekend woooo!!!
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Monday, 25 March 2013

Accessories Haul

 Cross Ring - £2.50 New Look
Triangular Gem Necklace - £4.99 H&M
Chunky Curb Chain Necklace - £5.99 New Look
Bullet Shell Link Necklace - £1.50 Topshop
Black MARTINA Geek Shoes - Gift Topshop
Pale Pink Beanie - £2.35 Ebay
Company High-Street Edit - £3.99
This is my latest accessories haul, I'm so addicted to jewellery its becoming unhealthy! How nice are all those necklaces though?? And I'd been on the scout for a cross ring for a little while but they were all a bit ditsy for my liking, until I found this one in New Look!! My mum bought me the Topshop Martina's for my early Easter present as I'm not really into Easter eggs. She's sooo cute, I tried them on and loved them and she forced me to let her buy them for me as my Easter gift! I cant wait to dress them up when the weather is nice enough for bare ankles..which isnt just yet! Another beanie for the ever growing collection, I went for something sugary, pastel and perfect for spring and for just over £2 its a steal! I never pay over the odds for my beanies so I can justify the number I have...kind of haha! I think I'm gunna get myself a pale blue one too! Lastly...what I wait for at the changing of seasons....Company's High-Street Edit SS13..Out in the shops now. I love Company mag full stop but their High-street edits are keepers, I still have last years and I don't plan on getting rid of them. Full of great buys, inspiration and just generally nice to look at!!
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Thursday, 21 March 2013


Pink Foam Bridal Roses - £2.99 Hobby Craft
Cream Foam Roses - £1.49 Hobby Craft
Fabric Covered Alice Bands - £1.99 NewLook
There are various stockists of rose crowns and floral headpieces but at £28, £36, £55...WHATTT!?? No way in hell am I paying those sort of prices when I can and have made my own, for the tidy price of £6.47 with materials left over!! I used the pale pink headband for this as I already have a plan for another one that requires the black plus its basically all covered so it doesn't even matter. Easy as pie just choose your roses, I went for two colours and two slightly different styles and sizes! Use the wire stem to wrap them securely around the alice band in the order and spacing that you want and when they're all in place you can do what I did  which was simply running a few stitches along. They were already secure but this was just insurance! I adoreeeee how it turned out and the way its soo big and definitely something special. Also just to let you know, Hobby Craft is amazing for these sorts of things, they have a whole bridal section and theres so much to choose from for surprisingly reasonable prices! Will you be recreating  this DiY and making your own rose crown?
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Wednesday, 20 March 2013

Bling me back to life.

 Topshop Dip-Dye Cut Out Shoulder Sweater - (OLD) £30 ish??
Studs - £6.99 for 100 Ebay
This jumper I got last year around March time I wore it quite alot when I first got it but then got a bit bored of it. I had some studs left over from when I customised my Sleeveless Denim Biker and came across this in my wardrobe - So I knew exactly what I was gunna do!! I had 21 studs left so I used 10 for each side, all I did was first applied a stud to the top point of the shoulder cut out and then one to the bottom point of the cut out - this ensured I could then space the others evenly! I really like how it turned out and its definitely revived an otherwise boring sweater! Cut out is going to be quite popular this season so this jumper will be great for the trend plus its updated with studs...My favourite :) Will you be using your left over studs to do anything similar?

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Monday, 18 March 2013


Sally Hansen Insta-Dri - £1.99 Ebay
I just wanted to share with you my newly discovered holy grail product. This topcoat is BRILLIANT!! It does exactly what it says on the box - and as I'm allllll about the nails thats an amazing thing for me. Paint your nails the colour of choice or do your nail art - then add one coat of this and it will last for daysss, chip free, super shiny and hardened. This basically works on an acrylic formula and I have to say it really does work. Ive been using Models Own topcoat for years which is good for a bog-standard only problem with this is when I applied it over black nails or any nail art with black details...when it dried it looked blue? To the point where my friend even asked me if my nails were black or blue one day!! I don't know if anyone else has had this problem? With this topcoat however every polish looks the colour it should and amazingly glossy - I advise you all 100% to try this out, the box info says its enables nail polish to last up to 10 days chip free.. I honestly do believe that although I'm too OCD with my nails to keep them the same for 10 days! Available from Boots or Superdrug..but I actually got mine from ebay for muchhhh cheaper - You should too! Have you tried this topcoat?
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Saturday, 16 March 2013

What have I been buying?

 Circular Quilted bag - £9.60 DP
Barry M Gelly Shines - Lychee, Greenberry, Dragon, Papaya & Prickly Pear.
Large Cross Studs - £1.50 NewLook
Denim Shirt - £9 NewLook
Shirt Dress In Cutabout Floral - £35 ASOS Curve
I've been trying to be good lately in regards to shopping, but it never works. Everything here I love and I know I will get a lot of wear out of. So I guess I can forgive myself. My mum actually got me the bag , its sooo cute and perfect for times when I dont wanna hunk around my zara bag! I love how Chanel-esque it is..lets face it , Chanel is the dream! My favourite thing is the shirt dress from ASOS Curve, I dont really buy many clothes from ASOS as I find when they arrive the quality is a little bit disappointing...this however is great quality, perfect fit and sooo beautiful! Now all I need is the weather to warm up so I can wear it. Ohh and , I was gunna dedicate a post to the Gelly Shine nail polishes, but everyones posting about them so theres not really much point. All I will say is I bought 2 to start with on offer for £6.99 for 2, bearing in mind this was only 3 weeks ago and I now have 5! I'm absolutely loving them! So go get yourself some, they might still be on offer in Boots!! Have you bought anything similar recently?
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Wednesday, 13 March 2013

Rose Index

 1. Apply Black polish to all fingers except the index, paint this white and let dry.
2. With a striper apply thin black stripes, and then roses with leaves to your index finger.
2. Using a strong nail glue, apply chosen cabochons to the cuticle area of your middle and ring fingers. let dry and carefully topcoat.
This one is ridiculously simple and I can usually get this done in 10 mins or less, the only real nail art is on the index finger so the main effort goes there. You can do the nail art on whichever finger you choose and the cabochons you can stick on which ever fingers you choose too. I got the cabochons from ebay ages ago to diy a phone case and they're actually the perfect size for a statement piece of nail swag haha - they have flat backs too which means they adhere really well!! The stripes with roses is reminiscent of a jacket one of my Barbies had when I was younger..homage to the 90's! What do you think of this nail art? will you be trying it out?
Bambi xx

Sunday, 10 March 2013

Sleek Sunrise

 Sleek Blush in Sunrise - £4.49
Im pretty much always raving about Sleek products and if you havent tried them you definitely should. I love their blushers, this is the 9th one to my collection. I got this last week and I really like it, i'ts quite similar to a MAC mineral blush I had a few years ago. I'ts slightly shimmery and the colour goes on really nicely. Ive been wearing it for a few days now and I think it suits my complexion nicely??? (Check above picture) I like blushers that you can apply subtly but that are also pigmented enough to build up a deeper colour with if I want to, and this is definitely capable of both of those things. I think with Sleek blushers I personally prefer their shimmer ones to the matte ones...with the exception  of 'Flamingo' which is a super bright amazing pink and probably one of my top faves, so if this post inspires you to go check out their blushers be sure to check Flamingo out too! Have you tried any of the sleek blushers?
Bambi xx

Friday, 8 March 2013

Alphabet Nails

 1. Apply your chosen base colour & let dry. (I used Models Own Black Magic)
2. Using your nail art pen carefully draw the outline of your chosen letters. (Models Own White)
3. Fill in the outlines to create your alphabet pattern randomly over the nail. Let dry & top coat.
This nail art was inspired by the alphabet print clothes which are pretty much everywhere right now!! I've also incorporated the monochrome trend into this as I love love love monochrome, always have. The biggest tip for this would be to keep a steady hand when drawing your outlines, maybe lean on a hard surface.. Then filling in is a doddle! What do you think? Will you be trying this out? Have a super duper weekend :)

Bambi xx

Tuesday, 5 March 2013

Maybe She Bought It In Boots..

 Maybelline BB Cream Dark - £7.99
Maybelline FIT Me Powder 355 Coconut - £5.99
Maybelline FIT Me Concealer Cafe - £5.99* (free)
*3for2 at Boots*
To be honest I will only use BB cream for times like if I'm with my boy & feel like I cant face being bare faced after my bath in the evening or days when I'm not leaving the house..I'll basically just put this is on, fix my eye brows and then I don't feel so hideous haha. But that's just me. So If you just want something really light, not greasy and that will give you the glow you need to feel human, its definitely one you should try.
The Maybelline FIT Me powder for some reason I'm really excited about. I never find shades to match me so swatching this was a wild card and I was more than impressed with the match, so at this point I knew I was in the offer haha. Although, I got a few FIT me foundation samples a few months ago & didn't like them, they were all too light or dark for me and I found the coverage weird so I'd kind of ruled the range out. I have now been corrected - The powder has a great feel and good medium coverage, the colour match = spot on. Obviously with these things its trial and error and you need to try before you buy, but if you can find a shade to match your skintone you should try this. I really love it, its on par with Mac Studio Pressed Powder!!
Maybelline FIT me Concealer, Again seriously impressed with the colour match. I'm also really loving the packaging for some reason. Basically I used to religiously use MAC Studio Finish Concealer, but their prices are ever increasing so I decided to try to compromise where I could.. Since I don't DO any other lipsticks than MAC and I cant physically live with out my Mineralize Skinfinish...I knew the cut wasn't going to be made there! The concealer had to be dropped. So I've been experimenting & trying out different concealers to find a new favourite, cheaper alternative..could this be the one? Its definitely doing the job for me right now. Have you tried any of the FIT Me range?
Bambi xx

Monday, 4 March 2013

March Be Mine?

Pale Pink Rib Knit Beanie - £8 Riverisland // Two Tone Cardigan - £40 Topshop // Denim Stripe Backpack - £36 Topshop // Jeffery Campbell Clini Stud Wedge - £120 Office // Small Creole Earrings - £4.99 H&M // Pink Clear Lens Glasses - £5.99 H&M // Gold Chain Bracelet - £7.99 H&M

This wishlist is a rather pink, black and gold edition. But it looks good enough to eat. I love it all and if I win the lotto I'd def be going straight for the big guns...aka the Clinics! Omg Im sooo in love with them. Ive always loved Clinics and now they're reborn with extreme studding?? and available from Office...Perfect!! Do you have anything similar on your wishlist?

Bambi xx

Friday, 1 March 2013

The Latest Haul..

 Elasticated Spike Bracelets - Topshop £1.50
Spiked Bangle - Topshop £1.50
Chunky Curb Chain - Topshop £1.50
Articulated Tube Chain - Topshop £1.50
Wasted Beanie - Ebay £5
LASSIE Leopard Platforms - Topshop £10

I think its obvious by now that I find it pretty hard to resist a bargain..Or any purchase really. These are a few of the recent nabs I've made. I had the chunky curb chain already - I bought a few months ago but I broke the clasp on it. I kept telling myself I'd fix it, but the fact of the matter is unless you're a Borrower..its too fiddly and small to fix! So Ive replaced it for a measly £1.50.. and I'll probably find something to do with the broken one, as the chain is pretty perfect for my style. My mum actually found the other necklace for me, its sooo cool it reminds me of a slow worm.
And the selection of spike bracelets are probably nothing less than you expect from my hauls haha.
The beanie I got whilst browsing on Ebay, you know I love me a beanie, I'd definitely recommend checking out ebay if you're into beanies etc. You're bound to find a good quality cheap alternative.
Last but probably the most shocking of bargains, the Lassie's had been in my local Topshop sale section for a few weeks. initially reduced to £30 I'd tried them on a good 5 or 6 times but just didn't buy them. For the last week I kept thinking about them.. so I went back and they were still there and had been reduced to £15...I thought to myself, I've gotta get them I keep thinking about them..Got to the till & they were £10!!! I love these and they're a great shape and style and I'm sure they're going to be comfy to wear. Considering Topshop are selling Lassies again for SS13 - just in different colours for £55.. I think I did well :) Have you picked up any bargains from Topshop or Ebay recently?
Bambi xx