Sunday, 27 April 2014

Pretty Pastels

 Pastel Bag - £6 Primark
Necklaces - Both NewLook £9.99
Ribbon Frill Socks - 3 for £8 Topshop

Its happened again!! I've been shopping and I've gone for Pastels.. The Ribbon Frill socks are the best frilly socks I've ever had. I also have the white pair and they actually look and stay frilly when you wear them, unlike some of the other types that have the lace frill which by the time you've put them on , don't look very frilly at all....Unless you have ankles like tooth picks...I DONT! So If you're looking for the perfect pastel frilly socks, get yourself some of these! The main focus of this post for me is to show you this dreamyyy bag, I was shmoozing around lakeside last week and found this in Primark...URGH!!!!! Its amazing, obviously the hardware on this bag is silver...and I'm normally strictly gold in everything, but I couldnt leave this beauty there. Its only small but would be perfect for a camera or just for a cute bag for summer festivals! It also came in two other colours, one was Black & White and the other was Orange I think but to be honest I zoned in on this and then didn't really care about anything else. Also more necklaces - shame on me, I love the chunky mint chain!! Have you been buying anything similar recently? 
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Monday, 14 April 2014

April Be Mine?

Oversized Brushed Sweater - £28 Riverisland // Twiggy Frame Sunglasses - £168 Wildfox Couture //  Pink Lemonade Candle - £12 Flamingo // Princess Gem Necklace - £19.99 New Look // Pale Pink Satchel - £28 Riverisland // Mint Lace Up Platform Boots - £60 Shellys // Pastel Ribbon Socks - 3 for £8 Topshop

Although I'm getting very into pastels I'm still struggling to believe we may soon be in the midst of a heatwave. I feel like we didn't have Winter at all so I'm still wearing as many sweaters and jumpers as I can :) The Shellys boots are an absolute dream I've been in love with them since the first time I laid eyes on them, which was quite a while ago now! The satchel as you might remember from my recent haul post I already have the pale blue version and people literally do not stop commenting on it and asking me where its from! I think I might persuade myself to pick up the pink version at some point too as it is sooo nice. I'm after the perfect pair of round framed sunglasses and I think these Wildfox ones might be them!! They're gorgeous but wayyy more than I plan on spending haha!! Although I'm generally more into plain chunky gold jewellery I have definitely become more drawn to pieces that are a little more girly and sparkly and this necklace is one of them, I saw it in store when I was in Liverpool but they only had one and the cord was a bit grubby - boooo :( !! Is there anything similar on your April wishlist?
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Monday, 7 April 2014

Sugar Apple & Rose Hip

 Barry M Gelly Shine  Sugar Apple & Rose Hip 2for£6 Superdrug

I want to start by saying these two polishes are by far my favourite of the moment. I have pretty much all of the Gelly Shine collection and love them, especially the shade Lychee (If you havent tried it and are into nude/beige nails you should definitely grab it). Recently Barry M released 3 new Gelly Shine shades, two I have - Sugar Apple & Rose Hip, and one other being Huckleberry . These two colours couldnt be more perfect for the season, candy yummy pastels, with the same quality of the original Gelly Shine Polishes!! I know Boots and Superdrug always have deals on so if I can get a 3for2 next time I'm passing I'm going to get Huckleberry and repurchase both these shades again!! There are sooo many things you can do with these two colours aswell - above classic leopard print, which people don't stop complimenting!! Next I think I'll use the pink as the base colour for a fruity inspired nail art, or maybe use them both to do an ombre!? I didn't actually see any sort of promotion or advertising for the new shades before they were released, I just spied them from across the store when I walked! These are a definite must-have!! Will you be buying these new Gelly Shine colours? Do you have them already?

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