Saturday, 30 November 2013


Jewellery C/O -

I was sent these bits from KUKEE this week, and to say I'm pleased with them is an understatement. I love jewellery, especially gold jewellery! A really good thing about KUKEE is that alot of the pieces are available in both gold and silver - They offer loadssss of on trend, beautiful quality jewellery at very affordable prices. Ive already been wearing the Lion DoorKnocker earrings, they match a necklace which I already had.(KUKEE also sell said Lion Head Necklace) I dont know which of the pieces is my favourite, probably all of it if Im allowed to pick it all haha! I didnt know if I'd like the simple green gem necklace but I DO!! It looks perfect over a plain black tee. For the next 3 days (30th-2nd) KUKEE are giving my readers 20% off using the code 'holabambi' on their website Go and check out their newly remodeled and relaunched website and take advantage of my  20% discount code :) Have a laaavly weekend!! Advent calendars & Christmas decs ready for tomorrow!!

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Friday, 22 November 2013

Nails Inc - Free Gifts

 L-R; New York Noir, Mulled Wine, Pink Fizz
I dont usually care too much about magazine gifts, as certain magazine give away the same junk time and time again! However Glamour magazine often give away Nails Inc nail polishes, which I really like-being a nail polish fiend! Although most times, Im not too keen on the colour options!! When I saw this months Glamour magazine I was sold, I absolutely love black nail polish. My personal favourite brand of black is actually Models Own as I find it goes on smoothly and only needs 1-2 coats unlike Barry m which is really watery & streaky and has a strange finish! This freebie is soooo good! Only needs 2 coats and drys pretty quickly too :) All for the small magazine price of £2!! GO AND GET ONEEE!
The other two little cutie -bootie bottles of Nails Inc were also freebies which were wrapped up in little packages with fragrance samples, I was given them in my local boots as I bought a few perfumes! The Mulled wine colour is hott, I really like Burgundy/Red Wine shades & Pink is always a winner! So...incase you didnt realise, its getting closer to Chrismas..33 days! Just thought I'd throw that in there! Have you got any nail polish gifts recently?
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Friday, 15 November 2013


 Holographic Paperbag Clutch - £12ish New Look
Lazy Oaf F This Beanie - Gift
Hexagon Necklace - £2.50 Topshop
GoGo Philip Gold Hoops - Gift
I haddd to share with you this amazing beautiful perfect holographic clutch bag! I love it, I'd been wanting a paperbag clutch ever since they first appeared in Zara but I never knew what colour I wanted as I thought the black was boring, and I don't wear alot of brown, red or blue...So I never got one! I'd been trying to find this one for ages in store but had no luck! But last week I managed to snap it up discounted online! I'll definitely get alot of wear out of it as it has a zip so its safe and its capable of holding alot of stuff..which is a must for me! Christmas party here I come! The Beanie was a very much appreciated gift, its so me- I love beanies & I'm a moody b-word..Perfect!! I'd seen these over sized shape necklaces around alot and to be honest I probably would have preferred the love heart one..but who cares hexagons are cool too haha! Lastly my beautiful lovely mumma bought me these perfect gold hoops from ASOS , They're the perfect size, colour & thickness and the fact they're studded means they're alot more comfortable to wear!! Have you bought anything similar recently?
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Monday, 11 November 2013

Tartan Talons

1. Apply 1 or 2 coats of beige nail polish
2. Using a nail art pen or sharpie marker draw a thin red line 1/4 of the way up the nail
3. Draw a thick orange stripe vertically 1/4 of the way across the nail
4. Add 2 thin black lines from 1/2 the way across your nail & 1 black line horizontally 1/4 down
5. Using a gold nail polish add a thick gold stripe next to the 2 black lines
6. Draw sketchy black diagonal lines all the way up the orange stripe, let dry & top coat.
This is my easy peasy 6 step guide to tartan nails, this is such a versatile nail art because the colour choice is entirely your own!  I like these colours because they're very Burberry-esque!! This would even look cute over bare nails or white nail polish!  What do you think of this ? Will you be trying it?

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Sunday, 3 November 2013

November Be Mine?

Velvet Floral Oversized Top - £50 Rihanna For RiverIsland
Gold Embossed Oversized Sweater - £50 Rihanna For RiverIsland
Floral Chiffon Shirt - £45 Rihanna For RiverIsland
Multicoloured Mongolian Fur Tote - £150 RiverIsland
Candy Yum Yum Lipstick - £15 MAC
ARES Black Patenty Heavy Boot - £80 Topshop
As you have probably already noticed 4/6 of these items are from RiverIsland, I personally think River Island have really upped their game right now and I love alot of the things they have on offer in their stores and online! The Rihanna items arent available until Thursday 7th November, But you can pre-order! These are my 3 favourite pieces! If I had the moneys I'd probably buy all three pieces, but I dont...So maybe I'll debate it and settle for one! The Mongolian Fur bag is to die for, I actually have the bright cerise pink mongolian fur bag with the chunky gold chain strap, from Riverisland from years and years ago which I paid £9 for in the sale, its a treasured accessory of mine! This large fluffy lovely tote would definitely be welcomed and loved by my wardrobe! You know by now that I love MAC Lipsticks, I have the likes of 'Girl About Town' and 'Pink4Friday' but nothing inbetween, Candy Yum Yum is the most amazing colour!! Lastly the Booties...urm...Even though part of me thinks I should hate them, I most definitely dont! I'd be able to style them so many ways and I reckon they'd be really comfy!! Do you have anything similar on your November wishlist? What do you think of Rihannas Next collection?
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