Thursday, 29 November 2012

Primark LOVE

Gold Cross Barrette - £1.50
Crystal Drop Earrings - £3.00
3 Pack Cross,Stud,Skull Bracelets - £1.50
Stud Ponytail Cuff - £2.00
Collar Tips - £1.50

I hadn't been to Primark for months but definitely wasn't disappointed, although they didn't have the jumper I wanted and the dress I tried on was sooo effing gorgeous but just too short!! But accessories wise, Primark redeemed itself! The bow barrette to me is amazing considering I'd been eyeing up the exact same thing in Topshop but refused to pay £8.50 for it! The earrings to be honest they're not something I'd usually go for they're a bit tooo blingy but I wanted some eye catching earrings for my Xmas party and I adore these. The bracelets omg they're soo me and for £1.50 they're a  ridiculous bargain, but I think I'm gunna pop the diamantes out of the skulls eyes as they're not really doin' it for me.  The ponytail cuff is another steal at £2, and it has studs?!?!? You know I'm in love. Lastly these collar tips are just perfect, They're amazing quality, they have screws on the back to attach to the collar of your choice, places like ASOS are selling these for £12-£15...Which is just  silly... £1.50 ( Thats 10%) - YES PLEASE! They also come in silver, but I love me some gold :) Hope you like the haul. have you bought anything similar in primark recently?

Bambi xx

Tuesday, 27 November 2012


Jumpsuit - £29.99
Statement Necklace - £14.99
Black Chunky Buckle Belt - £6.99
Clutch - £12.99
Shoes - £34.99
ALL FROM NEWLOOK - TOTAL = £99.95 are holding a competition for bloggers. For the chance to win £100 worth of vouchers for your chosen merchant. All you have to do is put together and blog an outfit that totals £100 or less! Ive chosen New Look as I think they offer a great selection of affordable and on trend clothes and shoes. Heres the link with all the details so that you can enter too :)
Bambi xx

Monday, 26 November 2012

Sloane's Plum.

Rimmel Moisture Renew Lipstick - RRP £6.29
Now you knowwwww, I never stray from MAC lipsticks, but I got this in a giveaway at work, I'm loving these deep plum colours that are around at the moment, but wouldn't wear it often enough to spend £14 on a MAC one. Im a sucker for nude lips, they're my thing!! But I this colour is gorgeous so I thought why not. Urm... the quality and feel of it is actually ok, its not to heavy on your lips and the colour is quite glossy and buildable. I probably most definitely wouldn't go out and buy any more of these lipsticks, but that's just due to my unhealthy obsession for the previously said brand!! I like the colour on I think it goes quite well with my skin tone. I'd definitely wear this for a special occasion or on a night out or something because it is a nice lipstick even though it pains me to say it. Urm also excuse the disgustingly moody look on my face haha! Have you tried any of the Rimmel Moisture Renew lipsticks??

Bambi xx

Friday, 23 November 2012

FOTD ft.Moustachio

Sweater - ASOS (old)
I havent done FOTD for a while, Because quite frankly I dont think anyone cares what my face looks like!! But yes, heres face of the day and just a quick post to say have a good weekend,  Also as you must know its Mo'vember, and the month is nearly over so make sure you've done your bit! Sponsor a man growing a a beard for a great cause! Happy Friday everyone, and thankyou for all the love and support you show me! Thankyou to all new followers too :)
Bambi xx

Wednesday, 21 November 2012

Accessories Anonymous.

 Cherub Necklace Freedom @ Topshop - £2.50
Oui/Non Belt Asos - £9
Front&Back Spike Earrings Freedom @ Topshop - £1.50
Black Collar Freedom @Topshop - £3.50
Vintage Look Heart Chain Freedom @ Topshop - £2.50
Sorry for the delay in showing you this haul I've been pretty busy etc. Its mainly from Topshop, but as you must know by now, its one of my favourite shops especially when it comes to jewellery. Where ever I am I'll find a Topshop to have a look in and then a Costa to have a coffee.. thats basically how I do. Ive snapped up some real bargains recently. Id seen the white version of the black collar in the sale and didnt get it , as white and I dont really mix well. But then a week or so later I was in Topshop and saw the black version reduced so I snapped one up. Its really cool for wearing under jumpers when I dont want to wear an actual shirt underneath!! The love heart necklace I'm in love with , I haven't worn it yet but I think I'll wear it to work tomorrow. I know I dont need anymore jewellery but its literally an addiction, I'm an actual Magpie hehehe :) I'm definitely gunna hold off buying anything else now for the rest of the year and see what Santa brings me. I'm literally counting down the days, getting so excited!! Has anyone been hauling any similar things to me???
Bambi xx

Sunday, 18 November 2012

Week in photos #20 & Giveaway Winner.

PR return lust at work, Galaxy nails. Cosy nights with my bubbie.
Costa christmas cups are back :D , My new peppermint twist candle, Skinny Latte Mmm.
District 3 sang to us at work, I baked cakes for the girls at work, Baby Presents.
An ok week in my world :) Work was fun, Thursday afternoon District 3 came into the office for a quick interview and sang to us hehehe! It was good, I felt really embarassed though, was a bit too intense haha! One of the girls left on maternity leave Friday so I baked cakes for everyone and took presents for the baby :) Also this week chose my food for the christmas party, and found out some more info about that...which I'm super excited about! Not until the 2nd week of December, but outfits must be decided etc etc! Ooooh and the silver cross bracelet giveaway winner has been chosen; Congrats Tara - DelilahDust will be sending your prize out to you soon :) Hope youve all had a good weekend!!

Bambi xx

Friday, 16 November 2012


1. Get together the things you need.
2. Apply two coats of your chosen base colour.
3. Draw your speech bubble with your white nail pen brush.
4. Outline the speech bubble with your black nail art pen.
5. Draw on the dots in white.
6. Write on your chosen word i.e POW! Let dry then apply top coat.
For this design I used Models Own Pink Blush, Black and White nail art pens & Models Own 3-in-1 Topcoat. This is quite an easy design to recreate, but can be a little fiddly so dont rush it. People always notice and ask about this design when I wear it on my nails. Thought I'd show you as easily as possible , step by step how to do this yourself. You can use which ever base colour you like, I sometimes use a different colour on each nail, which ever words you like too, but obviously pow is a nice short and easy word to write :) Let me know if you try this one out! Also I'm sure you know its Friday, so have a good weekend :) Anddd thankyou to all new followers <3
Bambi xx

Wednesday, 14 November 2012

Sanctuary Spa Pamper Hamper

Sanctuary Spa Pamper Hamper - £30
I was sent this amazing Sanctuary Spa gift set last week, it was waiting for me when I finished work Friday, and definitely brightened up my week. So many goodies all in one box, I couldnt wait to try it all!! Ive been using everything in the gift set daily since I got it, and I absolutely love it - admittedly I'd never considered using Sanctuary Spa in the past and always overlooked it in Boots, but that definitely wont be the case from now on.
This set has literally everything you need to give yourself a home beauty treatment. The Body Scrub is perfect for a good exfoliation, and smells yummy! The Deep Cleansing Facial Wash is a thick rich face wash and definitely does what it claims to do. Intensive Rescue Heel Balm - I was soo happy to see this in the set, its a great heel cream and it smells of tea tree and lavender-love it. The Brightening Facial Moisturiser feels cooling and soothing on your skin and left my face feeling soft and lovely.  The Body Butter which smells amazing, has to be one of my top products from the gift set - leaves my skin looking glossy and shiny which I loveeee! The Foaming Bath Soak makes loadsssss of bubbles and smells fresh, I cant resist bubbles in a bath so this was great for me.  The Body Wash has bursting moisturiser capsules, and its smells sooo beautiful.
I love the way all the products in this gift set work together, and its a lovely feeling to do the whole shabang in the comfort of your own home haha. There are very similar Sanctuary Spa gift sets on offer in Boots at the moment too, so definitely check that out if youire interested in trying this.

Bambi xx

Monday, 12 November 2012

November Be Mine?

Jeffery Campbell Dollywood £130 // Topshop Section Link Collar £30 // Topshop Knitted Feather Stripe Jumper £85 // ASOS Jewel Cross Earrings £20 // Marc Jacobs Daisy £50 // ASOS Cross Waist Belt £18
The item I want most of all and would dieeee if I got are the boots...obviously! How amazing?? I feel like these were made for me, they have everything I look for in a boot, apart from the pricetag!! But christmas is 6 weeks tomorrow so I may be lucky hehehehe :) Topshop jewellery you know its my fave, there is always something I want from there so I'm sure the collar is no surprise. The jumper is soooooo cute, Id probably look hideous in it but at £85, the only place it will ever be is on my wishlist haha. Marc Jacobs Daisy is one of my favourite perfumes, Im thinking I might go and buy this on my Boots advantage card as I've recently run out of it :( The cross earrings and cross belt are just me allover, Im soo into gold, sooo into crosses, they'd go sooo well with alot of things I already own! Hope you like this wishlist, is there anything similar on yours? Happy Monday :)
Bambi xx

Sunday, 11 November 2012

Week In Photos #19

Fireworks, Glamour Mag with Pink Nails Inc, Onesie Time Has Returned.
Topshop LOVE! , Silly Bubbie, Company Mag Nostalgia.
Fur Stole Appreciation, PR Return Forms, Cute Decoration On My Work Desk.
Helloo, I dont have much to say this week haha. I'm tired and absolutely freezing. Chilling out on the sofa with with my doggie. My eyes are super sore today boo hoo! Think Im gunna bathe and then watch some Home Alone! I miss the days when Eastenders Omnibus was on on a Sunday!! Hope you've all had a good week, Mine was ok! Seriously in need of some cuddles and multiple hot water bottles today though :) Got a loveeeeely little haul to show you at some point next week, you knowww I never disappoint with my hauls :) If anyone can help me decide which is the better choice to get the ipad2 or the ipad mini, your opinions would be much appreciated! Im pretty set on buying one after I went into the istore and played on both yesterday but just cant decide which is more sensible! Enjoy the rest of the weekend! Loveee <3
Bambi xx

Friday, 9 November 2012


Matching your foundation is pretty hard to master at the best of times. For me it is even more so, being mixed race means that up until a while ago I had to spend an absolute fortune on foundation from MAC , just to ensure it matched my skin! Now thanks to the likes or L'oreal and Sleek its a little easier for people with darker skintones to get makeup at a more affordable price, so those are the brands I use day to day! However, I do use Mineralize skinfinish daily...and sometimes hourly haha! I absolutely loveee this product. If you havent tried it, TRY IT!! So this is just a small MAC haul that I treated myself to, as party season is on its way!! Studio Sculpt £24.50, Mineralize Skinfinish £21.00 & FROU £14.00. Studio Sculpt gives amazing coverage, I like to use this on nights out or special occasions! The tube lasts me up to a year as I dont waste it on everyday wear! Mineralize Skinfinish, these compacts probably last me around 6 months sometimes less, but I do literally rely on this product everyday, and I ALWAYS have it with me. Frou lipstick was the first nude lipstick I ever tried from MAC, which I instantly fell in love with, its a repeat offender in my makeup bag! A great shimmery frosty nude. Alot of people ask me what nude lipstick I'm wearing, and the easiest answer is, Its always MAC, any of their nude shades are beautiful! Do you find it hard to match your foundations?  p.s Happy Friday :)

Bambi xx

Wednesday, 7 November 2012

The Reader Makeover Shoot.

Here are a few photos from the reader makeover shoot that I assisted on Friday. I didnt get too many pics as it was pretty busy and the studio was small this time in comparisson to the last one! The day went really well and was another great experience for me :) The readers were very sweet and quiet, which was surprising; I thought theyd be going mental with the excitement! There were some laaaaavly clothes there and a couple of pairs of studded boots, know how I feel about studded boots!! So yess it was another great day at work for me. Im loving it sooo much!! Happy Wednesday everyone (if thats possible) Please remember to enter the Delilah Dust giveaway that Im hosting if you havent already as there are only 2 days left to do so!

 Bambi xx

Monday, 5 November 2012

4 steps to the galaxy.

1. Apply a base coat. Black is usually a good option for galaxy nails.
2. Using your makeup sponge, dab patches of your chosen colours randomly on the nail.
3. Using a white nail art pen, create a few clusters of dots (stars) on the nail.
4.Apply a small coat of glitter. (You probably wont need to clear topcoat.)
For this tutorial I have used all Models Own Polishes, from L-R; Black Magic, Dream, Stream, Pink Blush, Blooming Pink, Snow White & Disco Heaven.
Thought I'd put together this super quick galaxy nail tutorial for you! I always get asked about my nails and alot of the designs are simple to but look amazing. Im loving the galaxy prints that are around at the minute. Im pretty sure alot of you are too!! And its the 5th of November, so this is kind of relative to the occasion haha!! I hope you try this out and if you do pleaseee show me the pictures!!
Bambi xx

Saturday, 3 November 2012

Week In Photos #18

Cupcakes, Gorgeous Girl, Watched Hocus Pocus, Christmas Decoration Shopping.
My Drink With Reindeer Hat, My Work, Xmas Shopping Started, S&G Treat For Me.
Cutest Baby Sockies, Oui/Non Belt, Art At The Studio, My Fave Outfit From The Shoot.
This weeks been quite a nice one for me :) My work was in Mizz magazine, which made me super happy! Really proud right now haha. On Thursday I went late night shopping after wotk & started my christmas shopping, yayyy! I feel relieved now its started at least. Got a few treats for myself too hehe!! Went and assisted the reader makeover shoot Friday which was fun! Ive got a few pics which I will post for you to see :) Im pretty tired, so just gunna chill out this weekend and listen to some fireworks haha. Make sure if you're following my blog you have entered my giveaway for Delilah Dust. Its a super quick one!! Have a good weekend<3


Bambi xx

Thursday, 1 November 2012

Delilah Dust Giveaway!!

 Im hosting a giveaway for this gorgeeee silver cross bracelet from Delilah Dust. Just fill in the Rafflecopter to be in with a chance of winning :)  You must be following my blog to enter. The giveaway will run for 10 days only so be quick and the winner will be chosen at random via the Rafflecopter. Leave a comment below just so I know you have entered :)

Bambi xx