Monday, 27 October 2014


Khaki Reptile Huarache - £85 Nike
Faux Fox & Black Faux Fur Stoles £17.99 Each New Look
Khaki Collarless Longline Shirt - £19.99 H&M
Necklaces & Earrings £3 Each Topshop

If its Black, Khaki or Faux Fur - I want it. Thats pretty much how I feel about life right now. Although Im trying my very hardest not to shop too much as Christmas is coming up(wooooohoooooo)!! Huaraches are the most comfortable footwear ever anyway and I've injured my ankle, which is going to take a while to heal - alongside some physio sessions, so these are the perfect and most stylish way I can stay pain free. I absolutely love them & I'm on the look out for the all black ones too. The two fur stoles were soo hard to photograph so check out the online photos here , they're longline - which I loveeee and the quality of the faux fur is soo luxurious & soft. There is also a white/brown mixed version which is lovely.  The shirt I ordered at the beginining of September & it took agesss to come (H&M Online is a Jokeee) I'd forgotten I ordered it so it was a nice surprise to come home from work too, and I'd say it was definitely worth the wait. As always Topshop is the place to pick up gorgeous jewellery bargains! I got these bits online as Topshop have kindly given me Free NextDay Delivery for the rest of the year - so £9 delivered for all 3 was a big bargain!! What have you been buying recently?

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Monday, 20 October 2014

October Be Mine..?

Ci Collar - £19 Pieces // Grey Chunky Knit - £14.99 H&M // Dolce & Gabbana Por Femme - £61.50 Boots // Quilted Chain Handle Bag - £165 Love Moschino // Multi Faux Fur Collar - £35 ASOS // The Real Steal Set - £19.50 Benefit

The weather is definitely chilling down and I'm in jumper mode already. I literally cannot get enough of grey jumpers, I just think they're so versatile and go with a lot, especially if you're like me and own a lot of black haha. Its drawing near to the end of the month, this weekend coming the clocks go back so its time to get cosy - if thats not a good enough excuse to buy more jumpers , I don't know what is!!                                     If its faux fur - I want it...thats pretty much my motto of the moment , I adore this stole from ASOS. I've got three different brand new fur stoles hanging in my wardrobe already so its doubtful I need more...although I probably definitely DO need more. This wishlist will have to remain a wish for now, as the season to be jolly creeps closer and closer. Im going to try and only buy christmas gifts...try! What is your favourite item from my October wish list? Is there anything similar on yours?
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Wednesday, 15 October 2014

I Snow You Love Me


I picked up this lovelyyyyy OPI nail polish steal for the tiny price of £3.99 in my local TKMAXX over the weekend. I dont have many OPI polishes as they cost around £11.50 each which I think is a bit much for a nail polish, especially when there are others of equal quality at less than half the price. As soon as I saw this I just thought it would perfect for the oncoming party season - I love holographic chunky glitter!! Ive used this already and the result was pretty special, all I did was applied 2 coats of GOSH Hologram and then used an orange stick to individually place the pieces of glitter onto the nail for a more uniform finish. I find diamantes always get caught on jumpers and tops and then fall off..and this gives the same effect but with a much flatter finish. People have not stopped commenting on my nails at work and they look amazing when they catch the light. Im going to check in at TKMAXX more often from now as they had some great beauty products on offer.
 Im definitely looking to revamp my nail polish collection for this season , do you have any A/W favourites you think I'd like?

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Tuesday, 7 October 2014

Current Favourites

I love to see what other peoples favourite products of the moment are, So I thought Id share my own favorites with my readers.

MORROCANOIL - If you know alot about hair products, you'll know that Morrocanoil is raved about by alot of people, and you will also know that its one of the more expensive products on the market. My nanny bought this me while she was on in Australia, it was still expensive but I think it worked out a little cheaper. I try to be as careful as I can with this as I dont want to waste it. Ive been applying a small amount of this to my hair everytime I wash it for the past 6/7 months now and my hair is so much healthier and definitely breaks a lot less. I also love this for applying after straightening my hair to keep my baby hairs under control.

Natural Collection Liquid Liner - I have been using this product for quite literally 10+ years now. I have tried other liquid liners and liked them to but this is for me one of the products I just cant live without. This liquid liner is easy to apply and long lasting. I'm a massive fan of winged eyeliner and people always ask me which products I use and are shocked when I tell them its a £1.99 Liquid Liner from Boots. If you havent tried this then you definitely need to. In my opinion it rivals a lot of the other beauty brands both High Street and high end.

Benefit World Famous Neutrals ( Most Glamorous Nudes) - As I said in a previous post, I bought this for myself as a treat during an asos promotion as I had been eyeing it up for a while. I have been using this everyday since and its the perfect transitional palette. It includes two cream shadows and 4 eyeshadows, which compliment eachother and make for gorgeous subtle or dramatic eye make up.

Carmex Original - I've been using Carmex for the longest time, its the only lip balm I use now. I don't know how much of a good thing that is, as I genuinely think im addicted to it...If I dont have a pot on me at all times I panic haha! Its definitely for me the best solution for keeping dry lips at bay, especially with the change of season well and truely approaching. A lot of people swear by normal Vasaline but I think Carmex is wayyy better, plus it has a slightly minty tingle to it which I like.

MAC Frost lipstick in 'Gel' - MAC lipticks are my favourite ever and I don't ever use any other brand of liptick. Im crazy about nude lips, be that matte or shimmer. This is my favourite shade from their Frost range, its a warm slightly golden nude, its perfect for a quick lip fix as I don't have to think too much about application. This one of my everyday go-to shades! Its very complimentary to my skintone, but I think its a pretty universal shade that would suit most people!

Do you have any of the same or similar favourites? What products cant you live without?

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