Friday, 26 July 2013

Finally Gold Buckles.

  Chunky Cut Out Gold Buckle Ankle Boots - New Look £29.99
Yikesss, how long have I been waiting to get my hands on some JC Coltrane dupes..? But not wanting to order from somewhere like eBay I prayed one of my reliable high street brands would come up with the goods. And New Look has done just that. I did buy the Office Ultimates in white a while back but as you probably remember when they turned up the buckles were actually silver instead of gold..which for me was a big disappointment, So they were returned...but being £90 anyway I cant say they were sorely missed! Now these have entered my life with huge gold buckles and an almost perfect dupe...I'm in love! If you want to get your footsies into some of these check out New Look online although I think they might have sold out by now as they're such a good price too as well as being very very good quality! Other than that I think they're only available from flagship stores so be quick! Ive only worn them out once but they're so comfy and they're gunna be amazing in A/W. My advice would be if you can get these...Do!!  River Island also are selling some pretty good lookalikes now too if you don't manage to get these!! What do you think of these boots,  Have you bought any JC dupes from other high street brands? 
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Tuesday, 23 July 2013


1. Apply two coats of white nail polish as a base.
2. Stipple on pale yellow to 1/3 of your nail, leaving spaces inbetween.
3. Add detail to your popcorn using a darker yellow & beige nail polish.
4. Using a red nail art pen draw a scalloped line along the edge of your popcorn.
5. Draw lines down to the end of the nail.
6. Using red nail polish fill in the alternate spaces. Let dry & Top coat.
Hola, Happy Wednesday I suppose haha!! These cutesie popcorn nails were inspired by some amazing pyjamas from Topshop. The pyjamas for one are wicked, soooo cool - and probably definitely would be tempted to wear them out. Onto the nails, they're easy to create if you have a spare 15 minutes on your hands! Not really too fiddly and the popcorn can spill over as much as you wish so preciseness isn't necessary. What do you think of this DiY? Will you be trying this out?
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Sunday, 21 July 2013

Midi Marshmallows

Marshmallow Print Tube Skirt - £28 Topshop
White Boxy Boyfriend Shirt - £16.99 NewLook
Pink Juju Jellies - £20 Office
White Kitten Cats Eye Sunglasses - £6 Asos
Classic Chunky Chain - £20 Gogo Philip
Essie Fiji - £7.99 Superdrug
Edge Paint Satchel - £28 Topshop

Whilst browsing my favourite shops online I saw this skirt! Wowee, I absolutely love it, such a cute and cool idea. I thought I'd put together a little mood board of how I would style it. A simple button up shirt with rolled sleeves, Compulsory gold accessories, Big cutesie Sunglasses for a retro vibe too. Jelly shoes I think look good with most outfits and these sugar pink ones are toooo nice!! I'd add a pastel bag and matching nails to compliment this candy coloured outfit!! How would you style this skirt? If youve posted this skirt send me links so I can see :)
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Friday, 19 July 2013


 Chunky Chain BANG Necklace - H&M 2Swag4U
Lion Head Clip Earrings - H&M 2Swag4U
Pineapple Crop Vest - H&M
White Nike AF1's - Office
These are a few bits Ive been buying recently, I love love love my chunky gold costume jewellery so when I saw these bits on the H&M website I ordered them straight away!! The BANG chain is sooo heavy its really good quality and was only £7.99 & I had a £5 discount about£2.99 - Bargain! The earrings are super cool aswell , they're perfect for my style and I'm actually waiting for the arrival of a Lion head chain, which will match them perfectly.  The crop top I found at Lakeside, I only got it because it has pinapples on I'll just wear it under stuff and maybe for a little sunbathe during my week off.  And lastly All white AF1's, I had a pair which I wore to death when I was 16/17 So getting another pair is like going back in time haha. Have you been buying anything similar recently? P.s How long and  poo is H&M online delivery service grrr!!
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Tuesday, 16 July 2013

Sunflower Power

1. Apply two coats of your chosen base colour - white works well.
2. Apply your sunflower shape using yellow nail polish with a fairly dry brush, when dry use a darker shade of yellow to add detail to the petals.
3. Add the centre of your sunflower and blot with the brush to build up some colour variation.
4. Using two different green nail polishes add some leaf detailing to the spaces in between sunflowers, let dry and top coat.
Sunflowers, fast becoming a favourite next to daisys! Sooo summery! This one is easy and pretty quick, as always base colour is your choice but white works really well, also I did it with black before I did this white version and it looked really cute! What do you think? Will you be trying this out?

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Thursday, 11 July 2013

My Love For Daisy

Marc Jacobs Daisy EDT 100ml - £55.50 The Perfume Shop
I'm showing some love to one of my favourite ever perfumes! I have to say I'm a lover of all Marc Jacobs perfumes, I have Daisy, Daisy Eau so fresh, Lola & Oh Lola - Although my absolute favourite is this, Daisy! I was going to say its the perfect summer scent, which is actually is, but to me it basically is just the perfect scent - Full Stop. Its the kind of perfume that when you wear it people will with out fail tell you how nice you smell, and for me it holds alot of memory's...which I really like in a perfume, I'll be at work having spritzed this on myself in the morning then I'll get a little smell of it and automatically think of amazing memories. If you haven't tried any of the Marc Jacobs perfumes but you want to, I'd definitely recommend this one as its a classic. I think it would be hard to find someone who didn't like this perfume. Do you like Daisy? What is your favourite Marc Jacobs Perfume?
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Tuesday, 9 July 2013

Good Burger

1. Apply two coats of a beige base coat
2.Using a dark brown/burgundy apply a thick stripe across the middle of the nail
3. Using green nail polish apply an uneven line across the top of the brown polish
4. apply a red stripe underneath your green line
5. Apply a yellow stripe beneath the red with a slightly triangular shape at one side
6. apply tiny white tear drop shape to the lid of your burger bun, let dry & topcoat
In honour of the sunny weather here is a quick BBQ inspired nail tutorial! I haven't even had BBQ yet but I smell it everyday round my area mmmm! These are pretty easy and the end result is really cute, What do you think? Will you be trying this out?
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Monday, 8 July 2013

July Be Mine?

Striped Oversize Shirt - Zara Basics // White Gladiator Heels - New Look // Pastel Duffle Bag - Dune // Bouquet Garland - ASOS // Blue Stone Chain - Gogo Philip // Stone Cluster Studs - ASOS // Goldtone Plain Band Rings - H&M
This is my July wish list, a few of these bits have even gone into the sales. I think all these items would look great together, worn with super skinny light denim jeans or even denim shorts!! The sun is out so we definitely need to be taking advantage of it :) Its all very blue but I'm loving cool blue tones at the moment! Are there any similar items on your wishlist for July?
Also if any of you guys own any amazing bright blue/turquoise nail polishes please can you leave the names and makes below as I'm on the look out for the perfect blue, which Ive seen on someones nails but I cant find a dupe anywhereeee!! Ive looked at all the brands I can think of but have had no luck!
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Wednesday, 3 July 2013

Bambi Buys..

 Rose Top-Knot Hairband - Primark
Snooooty Unicorn PJ Bottoms - Primark
Black Suede Adonis2 Boots - Topshop Sale
Earrings & Daisy Bracelet - Topshop Sale
 Casio A168WG-9EF Gold Plated Digital Watch - ASOS
Black Stud Duffle - NewLook
Daisy Chain - Topshop Sale

These are a few of the bits I've been buying recently, I've been taking advantage of sales and discount codes that have been floating about online. How super cool are my unicorn pj bottoms? Im in love with them and the way the unicorns look so stuck up hahaha!! I was after everything in the daisy collection from Topshop but I didnt manage to get the stud earrings even before the sale - Which is why I got the yellow Pansie type ones! The bracelet I think was around £6 in the sale so I was happy to get that! Then a few days later my amazing mummalicious mumma found me the Daisy chain for £5 whilst out shopping so I was extra extra happy and its now my pride and joy!! They're the perfect pieces for summering up an outfit. Finally finally got me a Casio and I adore it, been after one for so long but didnt want to spend too much on a watch as there is always something I wanna buy from some place or another, but then I had a vip code for 30% off so I knew I had to just get it!! Have you been buying anything similar recently?
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