Sunday, 23 June 2013

The Fresh Prints

 Outfit One:
Leopard Tube Midi - £22 Topshop
Cropped Boxy Black Tee - £10 Riverisland
Floral Garland - £10 ASOS
Eagle Necklace - £15 ASOS
White Converse Hi-Tops - £44.99 Office
Outfit Two:
Printed Floral Ankle Socks - £4 ASOS
Fluorescent Collar - £30 Topshop
Leather & Faux Pony Clutch £30 ASOS
Aubrey Open Side Chunky Boots - £75 Topshop
Black 3/4 Bodycon Midi Dress - £14.99 NewLook
Outfit Three:
Money Print Shirt - £40 Topshop
Cuffed Neon Beanie - £17 American Apparel
Barrell Bag With Quilting - £30 ASOS
Light Denim Tube Pants - £30 Riverisland
Scott Wilson For Aqua Logo Hoop Earrings - £85 ASOS
Black JUJU Jellies - £20 Office
I'm crazy about all the prints that are about at the moment so I've put together a few outfit ideas all I've which I would/do wear. Even if its just funky socks , I love it all! Have you been buying or wearing any statement prints this season?
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  1. The third outfit is freekin awesome, I so want that money print shirt & cuffed beanie xx

  2. The 3rd outfit is defo my fave!
    I want the whole thing :O x

  3. Gorgeous outfits! :)
    I think the third is my favourite!

  4. Love the leopard print skirt! I'm all about the bright colours right now!:)

  5. The third outfit is amaze. Love the way you've put it together. I also like the cute socks & chunky boots in the second one.

  6. Love all of these outfits! you're so good with prints!
    xx Ayesha

  7. I absolutely adore the first outfit, especially the leopard print skirt! xx

  8. Love the combination of these outfits! I'm in a colourful print mood so these are right up my street :)

    Jo xxx

  9. There's some hottttt prints about isn't there xx

  10. i love all of those outfits!
    great selection hunny

  11. The jeans at the bottom are gorgeous!

  12. Love these looks! Great styling.


  13. your style is just amazing! love all these sets, by far my fave blog xxx

  14. Love these collages there so cute :) your style is awesome!

    Belinda | fashioncrossing xo

  15. Love love love the first outfit, especially the floral headband! You have the best taste in clothes and putting outfits together! xx

    dozen dresses

  16. Ahhh love this post! That midi skirt is gorgeous xx

  17. Love the pony skin clutch and leopard print skirt - so fabulous!

    Elizabeth x

  18. Love all of these choices. Especially the leopard print skirt and the funky shirt! I've purchased a bit of Aztec lately and I always love to wear leopard print.

    Love Lucy

  19. My joni jeans from topshop majorly failed me, a few angry complaints later and I intend to do a blog post on it! On your third outfit though, there seems to be something similar, from river islad?- is the quality any good? Any advice for other options would be greatly appreciated, don't want to be forking out the money for it to go to waste again!
    Oh, and the marshmallow midi from later posts is gorgeous pick, shame I found your blog to late to steal your idea!