Monday, 17 February 2014

Gun Fingers

Models Own Hyper Gels ; Cornflower Blue, Pink Veneer & Turquoise Gloss

I expressed to you my love for these Hyper Gels already in my previous post, the quality is great and if you love the Barry M Gelly Shines then these Models Own equivalents are definitely for you .
First up Cornflower Blue..The name gives this a pretty accurate description of what the colour is like, this would be a great base colour for a floral design like daisies or Cath Kidston type chintz. I put a gun on mine...just because I wanted to and thought it looked quite cool, I've been doing guns on my index fingers quite alot recently - naughty I know. I used a black nail art pen to draw on the silhouette of a gun and then used a gold nail art pen just do draw a line horizontally down the gun just to highlight.
Pink Veneer , Im sooo in love with this colour, as you know I ordered another bottle with my second order. It looks sooo beautiful on its own, its the perfect springy pink. This would also be a good base for a floral and definitely a great base for a fruity nail art, the fruit trend is set to be back this season and these would match some of the cute accessories already becoming available in the shops! again I used nail art pens, I applied the white, then the yellow, let dry and then outlined using black. Its not much work and doesn't have to be tooo fiddly.
Turquoise Gloss is very similar to the Barry M Greenberry Gelly Shine, which was one of my favourites from that collection. Its again a very Spring ready shade and lovely worn on its own. Another great way to use this is for mermaid inspired nails. They're super easy to do and the result is always sooo nice. One coat of Turquoise Gloss, stippled over with patches of Cornflower Blue & a light coat of holographic glitter, then scales drawn over the top with a white nail art pen. Its that easy!!
Have you been using the Models Own Hyper Gels for any nail art? Which is your favourite colour and nail art?

Also a winner has been picked from my Giveaway randomly via the rafflecopter, I had hoped to do this sooner over the weekend but I'm really poorly with a yucky flu bug, trust me when you get it it wont be pretty. Thankyou to all of you who entered, the winner is Georgina Callen from Hope you all have a good week and stay away from the Flu!!

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  1. You must have such a steady hand to draw so well on the nails!
    I love the nail art btw!

    victoria x

  2. Love these spring colours - wish the winter would just leave now!! great post really enjoyed it

    Have a great week,

    Lucy xxx
    Florals & Corals

  3. literally one of my favourite blogs ever, you got style giiiiiiiirl

  4. I love these pastel shades! I also love your nail art designs, they're awesome! ♥

  5. these are so sick! the colours you bought are really nice!

  6. I've never used models own but these colours look so nice!! xox

  7. Love the turquoise color and nail art the best!! Such a gorgeous color!!

  8. amazing nail art!


  9. love these colours, so tempted to get them all!
    ellie x

  10. WoW!* Those look amazing!*
    LOVE your blog doll!*

    xXx - New Outfit Post!*

  11. These nails look amazing, loving the colours!

  12. love Models Own nail polishes and the shades are gorg!! I'll def try them out! xx

  13. such lovely colours, wish i could do nail art as well as you do x x

  14. Cornflower Blue reminds me of this Periwinkle lacquer i bought from Milani. both very cute colors!

    All my love,