Sunday, 30 March 2014

New In; Freedom

 Palm Tree Chain - Gift**
Double Chain Purse - £8 Sale
Green Gem Ring - £2.50 Sale
Lion Studs - £5.50 Sale

Hola, Hola!! Its just been payday and Topshop have launched their mid season sale. I popped in just for a little look and couldn't believe the Lion Earrings were in the sale. As you would have seen from my previous posts I really like the lion head jewellery that is out at the moment and these earrings match my necklace from Claire's perfectly. They're also the much larger version of my much loved KUKEE lion head earrings .  These were originally £10 which I do think is probably more towards the reasonably priced items that Topshop sell but I didn't get them when I first saw them, which was back in January! Now £5.50?!? Definitely cant say no to that!! The same scenario with the double zip purse, I wanted to get it to match the quilted bag I got around my Birthday (which actually broke and was replaced TWICE - then I gave up and got something different). The purse originally being £14 I thought nah its too much for something thats made of polyurethane...So was super happy when I got the last one in the shop for £8!! I thought the ring was cute, I do tend to buy rings and then not wear them but I'm going to make a conscious effort to start wearing them more as I just got some cute midi rings from New Look too! Lastly the Palm Tree chain, what a banger! This was actually a present , lucky me ay!? ... I think its around £16.50 though and I know there are matching earrings which are really cool...The palm trees remind me of GoGo Malibu 1992 which my boy actually got me the bracelet of for my Birthday - I LOVE! Have you been bought anything in the Topshop Mid Season Sale?

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  1. i love chunky jewellery!x ♥

  2. I love that ring!

  3. ahhh the palm tree necklace is FAB x

  4. OMG I am loving all this gold!!!! Sooo up my street :-)

  5. Love these versace look a like earrings!

  6. The double chain purse looks so chic, love the jewellery too <3

    1. I Know hehe started using it straight away xz

  7. Very beautiful jewellery <3

    I follow you beautiful blog. I hope you will follow me back and I will wait for you in my blog

  8. what a great haul! everything is so pretty!

  9. I want! gimme lion earrings pwetty please! lol x

  10. SO pretty, love the green stoned ring the best <3

  11. Love this haul, gorgeous items! xx

  12. Cute!
    I have similar earrings. Ive had them for almost a year now and still in Great condition! I Wasn't lucky enough to catch them on sale like you though :)
    Great finds

  13. So I pretty much love all of them, espesh the lion head earrings and purse! I go an awesome lion head necklace for my birthday!!! Love Love

    Love Lucy