Monday, 1 December 2014

December Be Mine..?

Oversized Sweater Dress - £40 Riverisland // Poodle & Unicorn Iphone 5 Cases - £12 Each Skinny Dip // Mac Golden Lip & Eye Keepsakes - £45 Exclusive to Selfridges // Pink Mongolian Shoulder Bag - £120 Topshop // The Bronze Of Champions Set - £26.50 Benefit // Extreme Cleated Ankle Boots - £29.99 New Look // Pom Pom Slippers - £52 Topshop // Jimmy Choo Stars 60ml EDP - £44.50 Debenhams

Christmas Wishlist..

Its here! Its December, Day 1 on the advent calender & 23 shopping days left till' the big day! This is my final wishlist of 2014.  The beautiful mega fluffy bag in the middle is definitely a dream item and my absolute favourite of this wishlist, but at £120 I doubt I'll ever own it haha, I may have been good this year - but definitely not that good. I think I might buy myself the New Look boots as they're a cute wearable boot for smart casual evenings out , as when its gets cold and icy heels can be a bit tricky but I think these would be quite safe and comfortable. I usually get a bottle of perfume or two from family at Christmas but I think I might try and get myself a bottle of Jimmy Choo Stars in the boxing day sales aswell - it smells beautiful!!
Is there anything similar on your Christmas Wishlist?
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  1. That bag is to die for! I've seen on depop somebody makes fluffy bags for around £20-30, you should have a look! always find the nicest items for your wish lists! xx

    1. no way ? Im definitely looking this up xx

  2. Then heeled boots are amazing!!!!


  3. Yeah ... I hope you don't mind if i kind of steal your Christmas list lol Such great selections!
    Totally in the market for a furry bag!

  4. LOVE those pom pom slipper shoes! :)


  5. How have i not seen this Jimmy Choo fragrance yet?? Looks amazing.

    Lovely post


  6. Those phone cases are great!! xx