Monday, 12 August 2013

Guest Post: Bethanyxalice

 Guest Post by Bethany
1. First I used my Urban Decay Eye Primer, and Foxy from the Naked Basics pallet, to give me a good, clean base to work with. 

2. Using a flat eye-shadow brush I applied my MUA eye-shadow in Shade 24 all over my lid, taking it slightly above my crease, to have something to blend the darker shades in with. 

3. I like to create a winged look with my eye-shadow, which is why I took a thin eye-shadow brush (you could also use an eyeliner brush) to draw on where I would like my eye-shadow to end. The colour I used for this is MAC's Sketch. 

4. This picture shows how I've blended in Sketch with Shade 24, right down to my inner corners. I do this using small circular motions with a blending brush, I also like to blend slightly around the eye and gently along the original line I created to soften it a little. Once I had done this I wasn't quite happy with the shade, and so used a little of Crave from the Naked Basics pallet to blend around the edges a tiny bit. 

5. To finish off the look, I first added a small line of Crave on the outer corners of my eye, then blended that with Sketch to around the middle of my water line. After this I took Shade 24 and blended that almost right to my inner corners, completing the look by adding a little of Venus from the Naked Basics onto my inner corners. I always put concealer under my eyes for good measure at the end of every eye-shadow look!

Bethany xx


  1. This is such a good alternative to a cat-eye with the eyeshadow almost mimicking it! It's a lot softer and would be great for summer so I may have to try it out! xx

    Bright and Dandy

  2. Thanks sweet :) yours is up now! xx

  3. I love it :) very neutral that would complement well with a kick-ass lip

  4. Great post! Thanks for sharing!:)

    Hugs, Brittany, xx

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