Wednesday, 11 June 2014

Not Nike - Not Right.

 Nike Internationalists - £67

I've always been a massive fan of Nike, from Dunks,110's, Airforce 1's & Airmax 90's since I was about 10 to present day. I think I prefer Nike above all over trainer brands as there's such a diverse range of styles and colours...and classics that will be in forever. When I was in secondary school I had loads of Airforce 1's and last year I bought a new pair of all whites... They will literally never be out of fashion in my eyes. Anyway I was after the grey patterned RosheRuns but they were sold everywhere in my size.. then I came across these and thought they looked pretty  beautiful.. I ordered them and was secretely hoping when they turned up that I wouldnt like them. But I do - I love them they' re soo pretty and they're sooo comfortable. Im even glad the RosheRuns were all out of stock now as I think these are even better.. I think these are going to be very wearable, they go with anything and everything. Ive seen some that are allover pink too which are realllyyyy nice, but despite loving pink I dont wear alot of it.. What do you think? Whats your favourite trainer brand?

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