Monday, 27 October 2014


Khaki Reptile Huarache - £85 Nike
Faux Fox & Black Faux Fur Stoles £17.99 Each New Look
Khaki Collarless Longline Shirt - £19.99 H&M
Necklaces & Earrings £3 Each Topshop

If its Black, Khaki or Faux Fur - I want it. Thats pretty much how I feel about life right now. Although Im trying my very hardest not to shop too much as Christmas is coming up(wooooohoooooo)!! Huaraches are the most comfortable footwear ever anyway and I've injured my ankle, which is going to take a while to heal - alongside some physio sessions, so these are the perfect and most stylish way I can stay pain free. I absolutely love them & I'm on the look out for the all black ones too. The two fur stoles were soo hard to photograph so check out the online photos here , they're longline - which I loveeee and the quality of the faux fur is soo luxurious & soft. There is also a white/brown mixed version which is lovely.  The shirt I ordered at the beginining of September & it took agesss to come (H&M Online is a Jokeee) I'd forgotten I ordered it so it was a nice surprise to come home from work too, and I'd say it was definitely worth the wait. As always Topshop is the place to pick up gorgeous jewellery bargains! I got these bits online as Topshop have kindly given me Free NextDay Delivery for the rest of the year - so £9 delivered for all 3 was a big bargain!! What have you been buying recently?

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  1. Loving that jewellery, especially the necklaces!

    Drea xo

  2. love the look of those trainers! Thanks for sharing :) love the colour scheme xo

    Natalie | Cosmic Creepers ♥

  3. Lovely pieces. Black, gold, khaki and fur are definite faves.
    And I don't even bother with H&M online... it is ridiculous!!

    Ekaete x

    1. I know lol!! When are they ringing in the next day delivery? Or next week for that matter xxx

  4. Love the colour khaki, great buys! X

  5. Gorgeous jewellery and mix of textures! You always find gorgeous picks x

  6. I'm really into fur at moment for winter so I'm loving the stoles. Nice choice!

  7. Beautiful items! I love the color of the blouse

  8. I haven't bought anything in a long time, but I need a new trench.


  9. perf colour and love the striking simple jewels x