Tuesday, 7 October 2014

Current Favourites

I love to see what other peoples favourite products of the moment are, So I thought Id share my own favorites with my readers.

MORROCANOIL - If you know alot about hair products, you'll know that Morrocanoil is raved about by alot of people, and you will also know that its one of the more expensive products on the market. My nanny bought this me while she was on in Australia, it was still expensive but I think it worked out a little cheaper. I try to be as careful as I can with this as I dont want to waste it. Ive been applying a small amount of this to my hair everytime I wash it for the past 6/7 months now and my hair is so much healthier and definitely breaks a lot less. I also love this for applying after straightening my hair to keep my baby hairs under control.

Natural Collection Liquid Liner - I have been using this product for quite literally 10+ years now. I have tried other liquid liners and liked them to but this is for me one of the products I just cant live without. This liquid liner is easy to apply and long lasting. I'm a massive fan of winged eyeliner and people always ask me which products I use and are shocked when I tell them its a £1.99 Liquid Liner from Boots. If you havent tried this then you definitely need to. In my opinion it rivals a lot of the other beauty brands both High Street and high end.

Benefit World Famous Neutrals ( Most Glamorous Nudes) - As I said in a previous post, I bought this for myself as a treat during an asos promotion as I had been eyeing it up for a while. I have been using this everyday since and its the perfect transitional palette. It includes two cream shadows and 4 eyeshadows, which compliment eachother and make for gorgeous subtle or dramatic eye make up.

Carmex Original - I've been using Carmex for the longest time, its the only lip balm I use now. I don't know how much of a good thing that is, as I genuinely think im addicted to it...If I dont have a pot on me at all times I panic haha! Its definitely for me the best solution for keeping dry lips at bay, especially with the change of season well and truely approaching. A lot of people swear by normal Vasaline but I think Carmex is wayyy better, plus it has a slightly minty tingle to it which I like.

MAC Frost lipstick in 'Gel' - MAC lipticks are my favourite ever and I don't ever use any other brand of liptick. Im crazy about nude lips, be that matte or shimmer. This is my favourite shade from their Frost range, its a warm slightly golden nude, its perfect for a quick lip fix as I don't have to think too much about application. This one of my everyday go-to shades! Its very complimentary to my skintone, but I think its a pretty universal shade that would suit most people!

Do you have any of the same or similar favourites? What products cant you live without?

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  1. Lovely favourites! I bet 'Gel' looks so pretty on you :)

    Style Sunrise☀


  2. I've been meaning to try Moroccan Oil out, love the picks <3
    KKKIRANXOXO: Beauty Blog

  3. I have to try the Moroccan Oil only ever used Macadamia or Argan oils :) and I am new to MAC and just bought Velvet Teddy and Diva and love them <3 will definitely try Gel it sounds amazing xx


  4. I always love reading posts like this too :) Definitely going to have to try that eye liner, I think Natural Collection get so overlooked and their products are amazing, I swear by their powder :)
    Love Holly xx


  5. I honestly use this Natural Collection as my holy grail - most affordable and definitely the best!