Sunday, 16 November 2014

Peppermint Swirls

 Peppermint Swirls Yankee Candle - £16.99

A few years ago at Christmas I got myself a Candy Cane scented candle from TK Maxx and absolutely loved it, so bought a couple more and put one away for the following Christmas. Which was last year, and luckily I had as I couldn't find Candy Cane candles for love nor money last year! This year I decided to get on the hunt early and I found a few in Tkmaxx & Homesenses , so I bought them and squirrelled them away! I saw This Yankee Peppermint Swirls medium jar on Ebay for the yucky price of £33.65 + £15.03 p+p !!! Which I think is absolutely extortionate, so I typed the name in allover the Internet and couldn't track it down anywhere, as it would seem this is a very rare flavour from Yankee - not even available on their website would you believe? A few days later, I tried to find it again and gave up on the idea. But after typing in 'Peppermint Candle' I was directed to Clinton Cards website  - and there it was, exclusive to Clintons!!! To say I was happy , is an under statement. I ordered it straight away and it was delivered 2 days later :)
This is such a beautifully scented candle and is absolute perfection for the oncoming of Christmas. I contemplated waiting until the 1st of December to start burning it, but I just couldn't wait any longer. Its minty and sweet , but not overwhelming like some of the other Yankee Christmas candles (Last year I had 'Christmas Eve' and it literally gave me a migraine.) This candle is one of 6 various Candy Cane scented candles I have stockpiled to burn this winter, and I'd definitely recommend you get your mitts on this one, as its very rare and hard to find and oh sooooo lovely!! Im not a Yankee Candle nutter, like a lot of Bloggers are, but of the ones I have tried - this is my favourite! Whats your favourite Winter/Christmas Candle? Any reccommendations for me?

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  1. Will definitely be getting this one!


  2. I love these Christmas scents, Yankee Candle are lovely but those eBay prices are ridiculous! glad you found a cheaper alternative!

    1. i know, absolutely mental! there are some quite good deals in places though xx