Sunday, 24 June 2012


Just a quick hello, I've had a quiet weekend & been on my own for most of it boo hoo! But I've been trying to recover from this disgusting flu that is everywhere.I'm so confused, the sun was shining 5 minutes ago & now its raining, I think thats why I'm so ill :(
As you can see from the top two pictures todays agenda is to sort my freakin roots out. Garnier Nutrisse pre lightner, Its the only thing out of the many that I have tried that will adequately bleach my afro barnet. Strictly speaking it is a pre lightner so you're supposed to colour over it with an actual dye...but I don't haha.
Thursday I ordered the most amazinggggg sweater, which I'm hoping will be with me tomorrow or Tuesday, I'll definitely be showing you it! Omg its laaaaavly!! & More nails coming up.
Lastly my baby Shyah, Goshhh I Love my dog so much <3
Thankyou followers :)

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Bambi xx


  1. Love your blog! You are so stunning! xx

  2. I know the crazy weather changes are leaving me unsure what to wear.
    Your eyebrows are amazing !

  3. Love to see an after picture of your hair - stunning! :)
    The weathers a joke, it literally is out of control.
    Hope you're recovering well xx

    1. LOL you sound like me so much! i'll definitely ahow you, thankyouu xx

  4. Your eyebrows are the best eyebrows I've ever seen! You are gorrrrgeous x

  5. You look GAWWWWWGE Izzie! Hope you feel better soon though! Your dog is such a cutie, bless! :)

  6. Loving the new hair! Hahaa the picture of dog makes me laugh!

      Madison's Assortment

  7. Your hair is so gorgeous. Jealous! <3

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  9. Love your eyebrows! :D

  10. AMAZING! I hope you can check out my site: and FOLLOW. Be sure to check out my links. Hope to hear from you soon, and joining ;)

    god bless,

  11. Thank you for your sweet comment :) x

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  13. awh you look gorgeous!
    love it!
    and you have nice eyebrows too :)

    xx [ aphrodite blue ]

  14. I really like your blog !!
    So fresh and full of personality !!!
    Keep it up ;)
    Now following

  15. Gorgeous girl, cute blog!

  16. Seriously beautiful!

  17. you look amazing!
    thank you for your lovely comment!
    If you want we can follow each other:)

  18. I totally love your hair. How did you get the curls? They are beaut. I'm well jel of your hair colour. Your hair's the colour I want mine to be *pouts* xx

    1. Thankyouuuu :) For the curls I used mark hill rock chick waver...I think thats what its called...its like a big big barrel! Anddd to get it this colour I use Garnier pre lightner...which you're supposed to dye over with a colour but I dont...cringe! I only have myself to blame for how dry my hair is haha xx