Tuesday, 19 June 2012

My Favourites.

Firstly apologies for the lack of proper pic today, I've been soooo ill over the weekend, only went out today to re-stock on painkillers & cough medicine!! Couldn't face a frontal picture, but my bf bought me these cute sunglasses on Saturday so I thought they were the perfect cover up.A few of you have complimented my make up, so I thought I'd share the products I use daily.
Carmex; I apply this to my lippies about 20 times a day. Forget Vaseline. Try Carmex - it's perfect.
From left to right;

MAC Lipsticks ; To catch a sailor, Gel & Lady Gaga. I keep all three of these in my handbag at the moment. Gel is my all time favourite ive had it about 20 times haha.
Sleek Makeup BrowKit; Love this for a quick brow fix. In my opinion, practically identical to 'Browzings' by Benefit...but around a 1/3 of the price.
L'oriel TrueMatch Foundation; This is what I use for day to day, good coverage & very good coverage. I use colour W7.
MAC Studio Finish Concealer;  Colour NW40, Its a good concealer..Although as loyal to MAC as I am, I think I could probably find something better if I tested some alternative brands.
MAC Mineralize Skinfinish; (Deep Dark) This is my absolute favourite!! Since the first time I tried it, which was a few years ago now when it was first brought out, I've NEVER been without it. It comes everywhere with me. <3 If you havent tried it, i'd recommend it to anyone.
MAC Powder Blush; Used most days!! This is just one of many mac blushers I own, Its called Dollymix, my mum bought me it for my birthday back in January & as you can see it has been used relentlessly. Great colour for either subtle or dramatic looks.
Rimmel Black Kohl Eyeliner; I have purchased this repeatedly! Good intense black colour, similar in quality to Models Own black kohl pencil.
Natural Collection Black Liquid Eyeliner; I've been using this brand for about 6 years, I tried to get into eyeliner pens but found the black colour wasnt as intense & I could be more presice with a brush. Its from Boots & its cheap but brilliant.
Models Own Lengthen & Curl; This has a smallish curved brush which I use for my teeny weeny bottom lashes!
Maybelline The Collosal Volume Cat eyes; Its OK , I bought this as a replacement for my Rimmel London Scandal-Eyes...(The bright Orange one) ,,,And its nowhere near as good and smells a bit weird!! I try different mascaras all the time as i've never found one that I've fallen in love with.
Rimmel London Proffessional Brow Pencil; In Black Brown, By far the best brow pencil I've ever tried. The only downer is they no longer do it in black,I've tried everywhere,

I know this has been a bit of a long post! Sorry!! Hope you had a good weekend.

Bambi xx


  1. I love the Sleek brow kit! it's SO good & definitely no worse than the benefit one. I've wanted to try that foundation for ages but I'm not sure if it'd be high enough coverage for me x

    1. I think you'd be surprised by the coverage it gives & if you set it with a powder it'll definitely do the job xx

  2. I cannot live without carmex like seriously!, hope you feel better hun ^_^


    1. Thsnkyou , im hoping i'll be better after a good sleep :) x

  3. Thanks for all the tips! I love MAC make up :)

  4. About half of your makeup collection is the same as mine! I'm a mac user but switched to clinique foundation recently! Have you tried the mac pro longwear liquid concealer? I use that one and have found it is brilliant :)
    Hannah xo

    1. No i havent actually, but i@m nearly out of this one so I might try it next time if its as good as you say! I have looked at it < think its the same price too hehe xx

  5. Aaah. I love so many of these products! Never even thought about the natural collection liquid liner so might give it a go now :) I love the photos x

    1. Thankyou babe, definitely try it! xx

  6. Carmex lip balm is seriously amazing! I put it on 20 times a day as well

  7. Great haul! I've always wanted to try that brow kit, and I love the Maybeline mascara, such a bargain :D


  8. I think you should swap with me, my make-up collection seems poor compared to this haha! xx

  9. Great post, you have some really great make up!
    Love it!
    I am a huge carmex and mac lipstick fan too!!

  10. I absolutely adore Sleek brow kit, I don't know what I would do without it !
    Really great post, love so many of these products.