Thursday, 14 June 2012


Yay!!! Its Thursday. Been a pooey week, but the weekend is near and I'm spending it with my man <3 Two more designs, available on Ebay from today!! But please don't hesitate to come directly to me if you want any of my nails. My email address is over there >>>>>
  Cookie Monsters; Inspired by a pair of Cookie Monster knickers I bought from Topshop a few months ago...EVERYONE loves these nails!!....And sailor stripes & anchors for the nauticals!!
  The head scarf i'm wearing I made last year or possibly the year before? So I just thought I'd show you anyone who cares haha!! Alsooooo, as you can see from the bottom picture my Models Own Toxic Apple came...I loveee the colour but I have 3 coats on..and I feel like I may do a 4th! Comment me & Follow me if you feel to!!  <3

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Bambi xx


  1. wowww really love these nails! soo cute. x

  2. love ur nails cute blog

  3. so so so cute!

  4. You are so creative, love the designs!

  5. aww sorry to hear you have had a crap week, I hope this week is better. Loving the nails, my friend has a cookie monster cuddly toy that is better than my son! haha Hope you had a fab weekend x

    1. Thankyou <3 I'm guessing you meant bigger..not better hehehe!! The cookie monster is amazing but he can't be better than your son :) xxx

  6. I love the cookie monster nail art. Will definitely be trying to attempt them soon!
    -Taqhdees x